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Megan Gehring

Remote Viewing: The acquisition and description, by mental means of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance, shield, or time.

Remote Viewer: A person who perceives, communicates with, and/or perturbs characteristics of a designated target, person, or event.

Psychoenergetics: A mental process by which an individual perceives, communicates with, and/or perturbs characteristics of a designated target, person, or event remote in space and/or time from that individual.

Remote viewing, and astral travel sound like an interesting plot for a science fiction or paranormal piece and the aforementioned terms seem like something that you would pull off a random wiki that dove into esoteric studies but they are not. The above definitions come directly from the Overview from a declassified CIA program called “Project Star Gate.” The purpose of this program was “to provide an overview on remote viewing focusing on definitions, operations, management, participation, benefits, primary and secondary methodologies, categories of taskings, types of targets, and operational methodology” This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes an expert in this field, Megan Gehring to share her experiences as a remote viewer, paranormal investigator, and about the first time she encountered aliens.

“Megan grew up in the Cascade Foothills of Washington State, surrounded by the rich history, Megan always felt different. As Megan blossomed into a teenager, she realized a natural draw to people and places. Through self-work she realized she had traits of an Empath. Megan served as a Marine for a short time and during that time she discovered a paranormal investigation group. She learned valuable investigation techniques, gadgetry, but more importantly client care. She has been an active member in the paranormal since 2004. Recently in 2018, Megan achieved Astral Travel Capabilities and has continued to assist many people with paranormal issues, such as hauntings and attachments. When she is not working on the paranormal, she is digging into conspiracies.”

Megan shares some amazing insight as what it takes to be a remote viewer and even shares a few tips to help those that may be looking into attempting it. (But proceed with caution, there are inherent dangers when attempting any paranormal endeavor.) Remember to head over to to catch up on past shows, get involved with the live chat, subscribe to the newsletter, and get yourself some awesome merch. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe on your favorite podcasting app, and follow Jim on all social media outlets @malliard.