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Memorial For Cj Moschetto


Memorial For Cj Moschetto

My Tribute to Chris,
As the years went on from the first time I met Chris, or Cj as most in the paranormal world would call him, we developed an amazing friendship. From day one it seemed to just be natural. Chris made being around him something that came with such ease…he was non-judgmental, could of cared less what your past was, and looked for any light he could find even in the darkest of places. This ability Chris had to find the “good” in absolutely everyone he met was one of those qualities that made it easy for so many to love Chris so much.
Chris and I were at a cemetery one night discussing blogging. Chris loved to write and I had asked Chris why if he loved it so much he not try and get a degree based on writing. Chris had not even thought about college. We spent the entire night, instead of “ghost hunting” talking about how talented he was, how far it could take him, and that he could d anything he put his mind to. Chris had started his book Flesh Junkies, and was blogging more and more online. The talent that came out of Chris never ceased to amaze me.
Chris lived with passion for everything he did and touched. E.N.E.M.I. was a dream come true for Chris. Chris said it repeatedly, we were not a very active team, we put our lives first before the dead, but what we did contribute to the paranormal world, Chris was very proud of. He tried to educate people and put himself out there for those who had been taken advantage of. Even with all the backlash, Chris kept going, kept trying to set an example of what was right and wrong. That determination earned him huge respect inside and out of the paranormal community.
Chris loved to talk about his two girls, Brooklynn and Ash. He loved them both more than I think they will ever know. Chris called me one day to go shopping for a Christmas gift for Ash. He wanted to make her something. He excitedly walked through the aisles of Walmart until he found a wooden box with a picture style heart on it. He said “This is perfect!” We talked about Ash and laughed the entire time at Walmart. Chris also picked out wooden cutouts as well as purple and black puffy paint. Chris said he was going to paint it for her, write sayings on the cut outs and give her his heart in the box. Chris melted into Ashley’s heart.
Chris and I used to spend time with Brooklynn and Michael as well. Chris could not have loved his children more, or been prouder of being a daddy. I will never forget the way Chris would interact with his children, the way he loved them, the light he possessed in his heart.
I really believe with all my heart Chris put E.N.E.M.I. together in his life, and will guide us now through his death. That he will show us the way.
I still think about Chris every day, but I have taken what he taught me and put those things into my life. As I leave you tonight, live each day to the fullest, love each other like you never have before, and never take anything for granted.
Stay strong, be safe,
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