Men in Black and Women in Black as Couples?

I guess the other follow up question this moment comes to, but I, I’ve noticed you’ve been very careful, careful, but I’m going to ask it anyways. So there’s never been a couple man and woman couples.

It’s always been just to manage just the women.
Actually, no. Um, I’ve probably got five or six on record where a woman and a man turned up, but what was really weird in these, in these cases where there’s a woman in black and A man in black is if they actually looked very similar, which sounds strange, but if you imagine, I guess sort of, um, you know, uh, you know, family has as a son and a daughter and they looked very similar, which sometimes happens, but with the men in black and women in black when they stayed together, they look very closely similar. But what he’s clearly masculine or feminine, but they do look, as I said, we’re almost out of a mold. Um, many cases, or at least I don’t have many cases, but there is a handful of them. And again, it’s sort of the same, um, a modus operandi so to speak. Um, in terms of how they go about interrogating the people, there’s just one asking the questions and the other one’s sort of staring at them. And in some cases it’s, you know, that the woman asking the questions, the men and vice versa. But as I said that, that was all definitely in the minority, Those cases.

Nick Redfern

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