Men in Black The Movie, Real? Just in Hollywood?

I mean, obviously you’ve known about them for awhile, but I’m just trying to figure out how I’ve missed it. I mean, obviously I must have missed your book about it was that popular movie with Will Smith men in black that kind of drew me down that rabbit hole.

Well actually it’s interesting in good that you bring that up. The reason being that when it comes to, you know, the movies will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones. I’m a lot of people. I think particularly with the general public, they assume that the men in black, um, you know, what government agents working for a secret government agency, that’s how they portrayed in the movies. But the important thing to, to sort of remember or to note is that that was sort of Hollywood’s take on the man in black. But if you go back and you look at throughout the history of the many black men of phenomena which began in the early fifties, most people describe the men in black women and black as looking, as I said, very pale skin, a aca today, even with these oversized eyes which they hide behind these wraparound sunglasses. And so in many respects they are sort of very different to the movie versions. And I think that because this imagery of a, the is so iconic, paperless here, that that’s they are and what they look like. Not realizing that the real reports sort of far weirder. I’m verging on the paranormal if you like more than anything else

Nick Redfern

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