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Micah Hanks – Paranormal Author and Podcaster

To say that this week’s guest is a busy man is a gross understatement. When he isn’t laying down that bluegrass sound and singing about a rendezvous with Baton Rouge; you may be able to catch him on his own podcast The Gralien Report, or read one of his many articles, or publications. This tireless troubadour is none other than Micah Hanks. Micah joins Jim on this episode to discuss inside baseball of the podcasting world and what the future may hold for the genre, third party politics, and how small seemingly mundane things can actually be significant paranormal events.
Media and journalism (media being a generalized term for podcasting, video creation, blogging, et al.) is at an interesting crossroads right now. What was once a hobby for only those with a lot of money, has quickly evolved into medium that can be utilized by anyone and with minimal resources required. While this has provided an opportunity for information that may have been previously subdued or even completely hidden to be brought to the forefront, this has also allowed for garbage to slip in and muddy the waters. This just means that we have to be more discerning when it comes to the information that we intake. Micah suggests that we take an informed look at the information out there and come to our own conclusions. Micah also eludes to the notion that the art of podcasting is certainly not fading into the sunset, but rather seeing a paradigm shift that will see much more user generated content.
The 2016 election. What else can you say other than that? Someone once referred to this election as like having to choose to open one of two doors: Door numero uno has an angry bear ready to maul you, and behind door number two there is an angry tiger ready to rip you to shreds. Which mauling do you want? But is that really all we have to pick from? Are these two options really the best representation of what all of our country stands for? What about a third option? This year has shown one of the largest increases in interest in the third party options for a candidate. The Malliard Report in no way discourages or encourages any particular candidate, but rather recommends that everyone should research all options and vote for the option that you think is the best suited for the position.
With a podcast name of “The Gralien Report”, and his stories of chasing down the Brown Mountain lights, you would think that this would be some of the most influential parts of Micah’s paranormal experiences. However, it is not. He does not undermine the complexity of these topics, but he is quick to point out that one of the heaviest hitting paranormal topics is one that is very easily pushed out of mind. This paradox is the idea of synchronicity; the universe falling into place while dropping little clues eluding to the outcome of future events. Some may write off this idea as simply coincidental, while others cite déjà vu. Micah discusses dreams that not only he, but also his friends had, that lead to similar future events. Next time a situation comes up, and you think “hmmm…that is odd. I feel like I’ve been here before…” you might just be receiving a sort of message if you will, from the unknown.
After you give this episode a listen, head over to to follow the many different projects that our busy guest is a part of and check out his band Nitrograss on YouTube. Let us know what you thought of the episode, or share any of your odd synchronistic experiences in comments below or on Twitter