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Michael Decon from the End of Days Radio


It’s all too often in life people become too rigid and stuck in a pattern of the same, not willing to explore something new. On this Report, We are reminded of just how many contrasting styles of paranormal talk radio are around for your enjoyment.
During this show Jim Welcomes Michael from the End of Days Radio. He is the host and producer of his show and can be found and listened to on the TuneIn radio app on Saturday’s at 7:30pm pst/10:30pm est. Michael’s show is a 3-hours long and is driven by live calls.
Where The Malliard report is a 1-hour long show that is focused on the content of its guest’s background and field. Jim himself has called into Michael’s show a few times and enjoys the wild free for all style of it.
You will hear on the show how these two host got into the world of talk radio. What gave them both the push to be the voice of choice that your listening to?
It isn’t to long into the show before the host in Michael come out to play and he asks Jim a question he asks never been asked. The answer one of the most controversial things Jim has ever said. According to many live chatters who were in shock!
These two show how are brutally honest with their guest and also ask the hard questions that others are scared or don’t want to ask. The style between them is so alike yet so different.
This show is filled with interesting conversation between show host and filled with laughter, the talk of the unexplained, talk of Trolls and a wide array of more things. This is for sure a show that you can not miss!
So check out an end of days radio for more about Michael and his show.