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Michael J. McCann

The Malliard Report
Michael J. McCann

Michael J. McCann – February 4, 2014

– Crime Fiction and Supernatural Novel Author with 15 years of experience in working with Canadian Customs and the RCMP.

– How does writing Crime Fiction flow into writing Supernatural novels?

– Hear the story behind Michael J. McCann’s first Supernatural novel “The Ghost Man”.

– What are some of the beliefs in Jewish and Catholic faiths on ghosts and the afterlife?

– “Blood Passage” the first of Michael J. McCann’s Crime Fiction Novels, listen in as he discusses how this book came together.

– How does a former editor get through the process of being an author?

– Where is the world of books headed?

– NY Times Best Seller or Blockbuster Movie .. Where would Michael J. McCann want to see his novels go?

– What does this author read?

– Be sure to leave reviews to help both authors and readers alike!

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