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Morry Zelcovitch

Digital wearables, human micro-shipping, and training yourself to be able to achieve the very best that you can (even your golf swing); expert of the personal betterment Morry Zelcovitch joins Jim once again on this episode of The Malliard Report to discuss the aforementioned as well as other potentially controversial technology trends found today.
Morry Zelcovitch thought he had hit rock bottom. Severe depression encompassed his entire existence. Seeking to pacify the pain through any number of addictive vices (drugs, booze, sex, and many others), Morry eventually reached the point to where none of those even sufficed in dulling the pain. After multiple, unsuccessful suicide attempts Morry decided that this was his turning point, and something needed to change.
Mory soon noticed that certain sounds and tones would affect his mental state in a more positive manner: a new path was being laid before him that would change himself and many others. Not satisfied with the results he was seeing from the small amounts of material that was available at the time, Mory began his own pursuit. Seeking information from one of the top sources within the Brainwave Engineering field, Mory quickly reached a level of expert status and ventured out into fine tuning the best of materials for positive reinforcement. The Mory Method continues to astound listeners around the world and has received critical acclaim through a major university study at top Brazilian university.
If you own a pet, you more than likely have it micro-chipped. In the event that your precious little furry snuggle buddy happens to get out, this chip will help in the speedy recovery of your friend. We as pet owners think nothing of it. If we lose them, we want to be able to find them quickly. So what about using this same idea on humans? Why is there all of a sudden such a contrasting difference? You stick a trackable device in Fido with zero hesitation, but if mentioned within a human usage it suddenly becomes evil. This certainly could become something that is beneficial for Alzheimer patients or those suffering from dementia. However, it does allow for access to incredible amounts of evil. If all information (banking, vitals, etc.) is stored on these implantable chips, what is keeping someone from shutting them off, essentially leaving the individual a virtual ghost? No identity, money, and so on. Could this be a fulfillment of biblical prophecy? Revelation 13:16 (ESV) does state “Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark…”
Jim and Morry also discuss the benefits of wearable tech such as smartwatches, and ways to improve on your short game. Morry is a fantastic guest and his story is certainly one worth taking notice of. You can follow Morry and access his cache of information through his website and of course for all things Malliard head over to Make sure to sign up for the newsletter, browse through past shows, and share the report. Only you can help it grow! You can also connect via Twitter @Malliard.