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Morry Zelcovitch

Sick of hearing about it yet? If you are, then you are certainly not alone. We have had nothing but a constant barrage of fear-based propaganda hurled at us for months on end. This actually has a term that has been dubbed as “covid fatigue” and it is safe to say that we are all a little tired. But what has all of this done to us psychologically? Will this leave an imprint that will stick around for years to come? Will we always be timid of certain situations and trigger words? This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes back a show favorite to discuss the nature of “these unprecedented times.” Making his third appearance on the show Morry Zelcovitch, is a great friend and fan of the show, wealth of knowledge, and perfect for a good laugh.

Morry Zelcovitch, creator of The Morry Method, first noticed the effects that sounds and tones had on his own mental state well over 20 years ago. This led to a decades long journey deep into the study of brainwave entrainment. Not satisfied with the minor results he experienced, Morry sought out the world’s foremost brainwave entrainment expert and, after extensive study and training, became one of the few Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineers in the world. From that impressive starting point, and with ongoing study and research, Morry has developed proprietary technology and techniques which he has named “The Morry Method “Not satisfied keeping this knowledge and powerful methodology to himself, Morry tirelessly produces the most leading-edge recordings that incorporate The Morry Method proprietary techniques. These recordings, including Quantum Mind Power and Quantum Confidence, are acclaimed by his legion of listeners.”

It is always a guaranteed good time when Morry joins Jim and this episode is no exception. From discussing how the very shape of media and content (Podtent™? No real trademark yet, but who knows!?) created today, to the state of American affairs. You can find The Morry Method and more ( more Morry!) at his website and he can be found on all social media outlets. For all things Malliard, make sure to head over to where you are able to sign up for the newsletter, catch up on past shows, find some awesome merch. Join the live chat every Tuesday night at 9. P.M. EST for lively debate and discussion in the Duck Pond. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app, and you can find Jim on all social media platforms @malliard.