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Morry Zelcovitch – Brainwave Entrainment Engineer

ListenMind over matter. Is it simply a clichéd phrase, or is there something to this old saying? Are we able to overcome long-term maladies by redirecting our mental focus and shutting down negative outside influences? This week’s guest on The Malliard Report has dedicated his life’s research to this idea and has been able to find success in a proven program that continues to garner the attention of all that use it.

Morry Zelcovitch thought he had hit rock bottom. Severe depression encompassed his entire existence. Seeking to pacify the pain through any number of addictive vices (drugs, booze, sex, and many others), Morry eventually reached the point to where none of those even sufficed in dulling the pain. After multiple, unsuccessful suicide attempts Morry decided that this was his turning point, and something needed to change.

Morry soon noticed that certain sounds and tones would affect his mental state in a more positive manner: a new path was being laid before him that would change himself and many others. Not satisfied with the results he was seeing from the small amounts of material that was available at the time, Morry began his own pursuit. Seeking information from one of the top sources within the Brainwave Engineering field, Morry quickly reached a level of expert status and ventured out into fine tuning the best of materials for positive reinforcement. The Morry Method continues to astound listeners around the world and has received critical acclaim through a major university study at top Brazilian university.

Morry tirelessly seeks to share his findings with the rest of the world in order to help as many as he can. Drawing upon his own personal struggles, he hopes that he can provide some form of benefit to someone in need. That is why when you contact him, it is not someone from a contact center/help line/etc. it is Morry himself. To contact Morry, or to acquire his materials please visit . Don’t forget to connect with us through Twitter @Malliard to let us know what you thought about this episode, past ones, guests you’d like to see, etc.

P.S., There really is something to Morry’s material. I personally listened to his “Digital Coffee” selection, and unlike some of the other binaural beats I’ve tried, I felt like it helped me focus on the content that I was working on. So give it a try.