Meadville Paranormal Investigation Team

Meadville Paranormal Team

About Us?

Meadville Paranormal Investigation Team is a non-profit group comprised of individuals who enjoy learning and researching the paranormal and local history. We are a group dedicated to helping our clients understand and cope with what may or may not be paranormal happenings.
M.P.I.T.s Members have many different techniques to analyze information which creates an amazing melting pot of adversity that constantly opens the gates to new ways of thinking. Our members have studied and trained to deal with the paranormal and together have over 20 years of personal experience.


Mission Statement

We are a skilled Paranormal Investigation Team that strives to help the community and families better understand the misconceptions of the unknown.
We do not discriminate against race, creed, age, handicap, gender, or national origin when prospecting for new Members or when going to meet a new Client.
We handle every case with care, sincerity, honesty and respect.
We, as a team, will do our best to provide you with the highest quality of service and will answer all questions and concerns in a timely manner.
If for some reason we are unable to provide proper service to you, we will direct you to someone who can.

Promise to our clients

We will treat you, as well as your home or place of business with the upmost care and respect.
Regardless of our findings, we will give you a written report including all evidence that was collected during the investigation.
We are here to offer our assistance and provide our clients with the answers that they seek. We will never charge for our services.

Who Founded the team and Why??

That is a good question to ask! Tabby and Jim Malliard started the team in 2008. They had been doing investigations on there own for a while. They were both interested in starting a team after the birth of their son and a trip to Gettysburg. It’s where they found out life was going to be a little different for them. Their son from the time he could talk would always talk about a Carl. Things would come up missing in the house, doors slamming when everyone was in bed for the night, their son would stay awake at night playing with Carl. Finally, just before he was about to turn two, Jim and Tabby started asking him questions. He started to tell them who Carl was, what he looked like and that he was his ‘Best Friend’. Tabby and Jim went to a parade with the rest of the team in Hydetown Pa in the summer of 2009. On there way home just as they left Hydetown there son started to cry heavily. They pulled over the car to comfort him. When asked why he was so upset he told them that Carl had finally found his mommy and daddy and had said goodbye and was going home.
This experience along a few others left them just need some answers. They started reading books studying, asking their friends about any experiences they have ever had and started to realize there was so much to learn and there were a lot of people who wanted to learn about it. They also started to see that there was a WANT for answers among so many people in the community, after much talking between the couple about what this would mean and what it entailed they decided to go ahead with being the founders of Meadville’s
FIRST paranormal investigation team.

Who we are?

Meadville Paranormal Investigation Team (MPIT) is a group of individuals dedicated to the study of the Paranormal but also a team dedicated to community service and researching and preserving the history of the community.

Where is Meadville?

Meadville is the county seat of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, United States. The city is generally considered part of the Pittsburgh Tri-State and is within 40 miles of Erie, Pennsylvania. It was the first permanent settlement in northwest Pennsylvania.

What is paranormal?

Well, the official definition of the term is:
Paranormal: is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside “the range of normal experience or scientific explanation” or that indicates phenomena that are understood to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure.
When Meadville Paranormal looks at this definition we sit back for a minute and think. WHAT IS NORMAL? There are a lot of people out there I am sure that have thought the same thing. Who is not to say that spirits are not part of the ‘Normal’ world?
Paranormal covers a wide range of things:
Apparitions – visual based spirit phenomenon
Poltergeist Activity – physical manifestation of spirit phenomenon
Demons, Elementals – spirits which are believe not to have once been people.
EVP & other sound based phenomenon—
Clairvoyance/ Clairaudience
Spirit contact techniques -Dousing/Séances etc
scientific- testing/method
Urban Legends/Myths
Religions/Cults in relation to any paranormal claims i.e. Voodoo dolls/Magic etc

What about removing a spirit?

Meadville Paranormal’s thoughts about spirit removal are pretty simple. We believe that if a spirit is not causing harm or is not a threat to the home or property owners, we usually stay away from spirit removal. If in the chance that a spirit or entity is a threat and is causing harm, be it physical harm to a person or to the residence. We will recommend having the spirit removed. In the case that happens Meadville Paranormal has been trained and is always ready in case of a situation like this. There are times that it requires more then we can do. In this case, Meadville Paranormal is linked up with many other people and groups that we can bring in to help us out.

I have a haunting, what do I do now?

First, send us an email.
One of the team members will get a hold of you as soon as possible.
We will talk about what you have going on with you in a short detail over the phone and set up an interview time.
Now during the interview, we may bring a tape recorder so that later went writing your report we can go back over the initial reason you called. During the interview, we will go over what is going on in full detail. We will also walk through the place (be it a house or business) with you and have you show us the places you feel there is a lot of activity. We will set up a date for an investigation. After the investigation, we will write a full report as to what we did or didn’t find and give it to you.
How long will it be before we see any evidence?
Sometimes we will see the evidence when we take the photos, or even see or hear the entity.
Usually, it will take about # weeks to complete. If we use # videos for # hours, # EVPs for # hours, alone that is about ## hours of investigations to go over. That is not counting any other evidence. It does take a while. Please keep in mind that we are only human too and sometimes things come up in our personal lives that can not be stopped and it some times affects the amount of time it takes to reveal the findings. But if you think we forgot about you, give us a call or email we will be happy to update you.

How much does it cost for an investigation?

Nothing. FREE! Meadville Paranormal never charges for an investigation. 96% of all Professional teams do not and will not charge. Never Pick A Team That Wants MONEY!

This is a free service.

Membership questions:

Meadville Paranormal is always taking applications for members and contact info. We have started to do interview nights. If you would like to know about our next one please let us know.


We take applications for anyone over ## to be full-time members.
Meadville Paranormal also does something a little different. We have Jr. Members, these are teens 13-17 they don’t often go on an investigation. These members come to the team meetings and also they are given assignments to finish helping them study the paranormal. They help go over the evidence and learn how to properly use our equipment.


You do not need a degree to be on the team. But, there are several team members who have degrees or are working on them.

What is required of Members?

The biggest thing is members are required to attend Meadville Paranormal’s weekly meetings. There are some other requirements that can be discussed at your interview but that is the biggest one to take into thought.
Will you be able to attend weekly meetings?
If you’re looking to apply for membership contact us!

Case Information
This info may seem empty or weak to you.
But your privacy is important to us.
Some cases allow us to disclose findings, however, we may not have any findings to post.
Each case is different, but our relationship with our client remains the same, they receive our utmost respect.
Never pay for an investigation when there are many great teams that are FREE.
Never pay for a home blessing. It’s an honor for us to do them and try to help the family in there home.

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