NCAA Football Vs NASCAR Crowds

Talk to me about the difference between being in the car and seeing spectators out there and hearing the noise from them. Like during a football game or do you even to look over that way?

Uh, I, I do look at the fan sometimes during races only just to remind myself that this is really cool and I’m getting to do this and not a lot of people get to do this and this is freaking cool. That’s the main reason I’m looking at the stands. Looking at  stands. Just to put into perspective where I’m at and how fortunate I am to, to, to, to have gotten this far to, to make this happen. So I’m definitely  the fans. We couldn’t do it. The fans there will make it cool. You know, the more fans in the stands and more cool it makes racing. I think so. Um, Kudos to all the fans that come out and brave the weather of the year and uh, it becomes too.

 It is just remarkable to see them. I love watching on TV. I’ve been to a few risks in person in person. Just blows it away though. Just.

Oh yeah, for sure. It’s definitely gonna. If you haven’t been to one before, I definitely suggest anyone out there looking the mixture. He goes to the right. It’ll blow your mind there. There’s this incredible to go to the sounds, the smells, the people experience the whole weekend. Um, it’s, it’s like nothing you’ve ever been to before.

Aaron Keith – Jesse Iwuji

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