Negative Impacts from the Ouija Board?

 I’ve had negative long lasting using the Ouija board. Do people ever come to you for help?

Yeah, they do. They come to me and they come to the TB hs, the talking board, historical society as well as now. Okay. So there’s, there’s many, there’s not many. There are different directions to approach this. Yes, I have. And I’m never wanted to say to, to negate some of his experiences, positive or negative because I wasn’t there. And so all I can do is listen to what has happened to them and, and, and, you know, take that at heart and value what they’re telling me and help the best I can from that direction. I get written many letters, uh, uh, for, for this reason. One of the things I teach and I talk about, um, and I share when I use this tool is that we have a choice of how and what and who we’re going to communicate with. I know a lot of people are going to say, that’s not true.

You open up an Ouija board. Anything will come through. That’s not true. What happens is you bring through that which you harbor within. You bring through that which you hold in your perceptions, your beliefs, your filters, your worldview, how you see yourself in relationship to the world. All these things influence. It may be unconscious and subconscious. It doesn’t have to mean it necessarily always conscious about these things. So that’s the trick to using this tool. You really have to look at yourself and your own fears. So when you have a fear about this tool or you have a fear about, um, everything’s evil, I’m upon to the world and all these negative things happen to me. I’m not saying negative things don’t happen. What I am saying though is that you’ll tend to draw them to you when you use a tool or when you tend to go reaching into these rounds, even without this tool, whether you’re just doing paranormal investigating or you’re in your room with a candle, you know, speaking to the other dimensions, you don’t this tool, this tool is neutral, does nothing but yet people have had experiences that have spooked the heck out of them.

And they feel like it’s following them in terms of, uh, the, like he said, you know, long lasting effects, long term effects. And so I, my, my background is actually a psychotherapist and so my work with somebody in that level is to help them understand, to empower themselves to be able to release this energy that they’re, they’re carrying from such experiences. We don’t have to continue to carry those experiences. And if people are new it using this tool, I try to help them get started in a way where it’s a choice they make of how and what they want to contact where they don’t have to have anything negative or if anything negative comes through, as I mentioned earlier, they learned to not just learn to not engage with it and then therefore they disengage. So these, these are, these are things that I talk about and teach them, especially on my youtube channel I have, I have like, I don’t have a gym.

I think I have like 180 videos now. All about you’ve been doing more videos. Don’t say that, you know, you’ve got a lot of shows that I do my do one every week.

Karen Dahlman

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