New World Order in the 2016 election

and I’m sure there’s a connection to like the deep state or new world order, whichever way you want to cut it. But again, it just seems like if you’re gonna go to this much trouble and why wouldn’t you do this? Put it before November eighth instead of trying to undo it now. Then it’s kind of the die has been cast for the lack of a better expression.

I think we know the answer to that and I analyze that as well in the book and that is that Hillary Clinton was up by somewhere around 15 or 16 points just before the election. Every pollster, every, every talking head in every corporate leader for that matter. Certainly every newspaper endorsed or thought she would win. The betting odds in Las Vegas the week before the election were 8-1 that she would win the day of the election. The New York Times came out with an article and said, who will be our next president? Surprise, Surprise Hillary Clinton 85 percent chance. So no one expected this outcome, and most certainly the democrats.

Ted Malloch

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