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Nick Dinsmore – WWE Wrestling Personality

Guest: Nick Dinsmore

What a fun week this week on the Malliard Report turned out to be. Jim Malliard as usual shows why his show, the Malliard Report live at the KGRA, is the Fastest Hour of Paranormal Talk Radio, and this week is no different than before on that, Our guest this week is none other than Nick Dinsmore, and for those of you who also enjoy the paranormal and wrestling together, might know him better as WWE wrestler Eugene, who is also a former World Tag Team Champion, with his partner William Regal.

Starting off with our show, a little bit of light hearted banter between Jim Malliard and Nick Dinsmore goes on, promising to show what sort of discussions were planned for the show this week, and what they both intended to talk about, our host of course promising that this week will be interesting and all. Which afterwards the show moves onto the paranormal side of things first, with Jim Malliard wanting to talk about what fascinates our guest when it comes to the Paranormal. From there, it’s an interesting time in the first half of the show. The first topic of discussion covering ancient aliens and whether or not our guest Nick Dinsmore believes in them or not, of which our guest provides his opinion and an interesting insight into what he believes.

From there, Jim Malliard asks about Nick’s interest in the paranormal as a whole, and what sort of stuff he considers interesting and all, with our guest explaining part of what fascinates him. Most of which incorporates beliefs in ancient aliens, as well as Waverly Asylum, and even incorporating his thoughts in regard to Area 51 when prompted by our host, as well as government conspiracies regarding the paranormal and even belief in angels and otherworldly beings. All of it culminating in the biggest question before the break; Who would win in a wrestling match between Mark Henry, or Bigfoot. The answer of course interesting when our guest Nick Dinsmore can’t really decide who!

After the break though, the second half becomes a bit more personal and delves more into the character and personality of our guest, delving more into the past when Jim Malliard asks our guest how he got started in wrestling and everything. From there the discussion moving towards his career in the WWE, and where all Nick Dinsmore has wrestled at, and if he has any favorite place that he’s wrestled at that he has fond memories of, moving onto his thoughts and feelings on traveling, and who all he’s worked with, as well as if there was anyone he enjoyed working with, and anyone he wished to have worked with. All of it of course interest that all fans of both the paranormal, and wrestling would enjoy listening in on.

Sadly, our time with Nick Dinsmore eventually comes to an end, as despite being the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio, all good things must come to an end. However, before we properly end the show, Jim Malliard ends this weeks show on a sad note. Discussing with all listeners how he had recently suffered the loss of a good friend, and giving all of us a bit of advice on how we should treasure our time with the people we care about more. Our hearts going out to not only Jim, but all those suffering as well.

As usual though, and as Jim Malliard likes to say, keep quacking, and tune in to the next show!