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Omar Morales – Artist / Alien Conspiracy Enthusiast

Guest:  Omar Morales

Another excellent week here for all the listeners and fans of Paranormal Talk radio. Our host, Jim Malliard, proves once more why the Malliard Report is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio when he brings out guest for the week, Omar Morales, and discusses a wide range of topics that will be sure to entertain fans and listeners of both Graphic Novels, as well as Aliens, and other various conspiracies. Especially since our guest, Omar Morales, is best known for being a Graphic Novelist, who is the author of the successful graphic novel CruZader™: Agent of the Vatican, which was launched in 2014 and has seen success since then.

As usual before getting into the serious discussions, our host Jim Malliard likes to talk with our guests a little about themselves, and this time is no different when he asks Omar Morales about himself, a little bit about what got him involved in comics to begin with, and of course the inspiration for CruZader and everything, listening intently to the discussion before moving on to ask him what the definite difference is between comic books themselves, and graphic novels. An answer that a lot of fans of the genre themselves might even agree with when listening to the show!

Moving on from that though, the discussion then moves on to our guests experiences within the publishing business itself, with Omar Morales talking about his experiences within it, and the trials and tribulations and successes he’s found when looking to get his graphic novel published, as well as his opinions on the market on various different subjects ranging from the level of violence of some novels, to things that he’s enjoyed, or even been shocked at, with a special guest appearance of the Malliard Reports producer even joining in himself.

Coming back from the break though, the fun doesn’t stop at all though, especially when the discussion from the first half continues on in the second when Omar Morales continues to talk about his process when writing and drawing the Comic, including the people who work with him on his team, and all the specialists he’s given props to. Showing fully well that while he’s the author, it’s not just a one man band, and really drives home how much work goes into creating an entire Graphic Novel from conception, to inception.

From there, the discussion becomes a bit more serious in tone as our host then asked our guest about his fascination with UFO’s in general, and how that sort of fascination started with him, with of course Omar Morales obliging and recalling how he’s always been fascinated with not only UFO’s, but also conspiracy theories, and everything else regarding that, and how it’s been a part of his life since he was young, starting with his father and a book that he read on alien abductions and everything. Of course, what sort of discussion involving the paranormal isn’t complete when Jim Malliard is asked his opinions and the two talk about them? The answers between them both becoming interesting that listeners might find it fascinating, even longtime fans of the Malliard Report wouldn’t want to miss.

All in all, a fun week for all, with the Report ending on a high note asking Omar Morales his plans for the future, and where he intends to go from there, with or guest explaining what else he has in the works, and what he wishes would happen from there regarding his Graphic Novel. Of course, one can’t help but wish him all the best! As usual for any listeners of the show, thanks for listening and see you next week.