Opening a Ouija board

when you go to start a session, walk me through that and then we’ll get.

Yes. So a lot of people use this tool and they use it in different ways. I have a certain protocol that I like. Um, I don’t like to really call it rules. I don’t think there really are some technical rules though, that people want to say the rules to a board. Um, there, there are definitely systems you might put in place. So you have a systematic approach or you have your own protocols and I’ll call it that. I like to think of this tool is something that’s sacred to me when I use it that way. I get exceptional results. So I think of it as I’m stepping into a sacred space and when I’m going to do my work and when I’m done, I’m going to exit my sacred sacred space. So therefore I create an atmosphere around me that is, I’m going to respect the energies I’m bringing through.

I’m going to respect the people in the room that are joining my session. I’m going to respect my partner and myself and all beans that that’ll be in communication with. So what I do is I start with a breathing exercise really to ground ourselves, uh, you know, center ourselves and ground ourselves. That’s really important for me and many others have told me the same thing. And in that process is there’s a sense of protection around myself too. When I’m grounded and centered, I know that I’m definitely surrounded in light. Then what I do is I take, they say, uh, some type of prayer, I’ll call it a invocation or a prayer. And in that I also stayed the light surrounding us and I make sure that we’re calling upon all those beings that have our highest interest at heart. And then once we do that, we stayed.

Usually you’ll say, you know, everybody here is with us in the circle. They’re all here gathered, say purpose. And we’re really with that prayer. We’re trying to raise our vibration all, get on the same page, all be surrounded in the same protective it energy and be ready to receive the messages as well as to have dialogue with the different beans that come through. And that’s how I, that’s how I open it, that’s how I stepped into the sacred space. Once they’re, there’s nothing but gratitude. Often you’ll, there’s this etiquette of being polite, respectful, asking questions. They ask questions back. Um, it’s just, it’s, um, it’s just, it just feels so like, like, like a saint, like a sanctuary. If I make it that way with all my guests to that, attend these sessions. And then when we’re done, we always say, you know, we end the session, we say goodbye, we thank them for their time.

And then that’s it. And we typically step away from where we were doing the work. If it’s on a table in the dining room or in a certain room, we’ll move into the other room and then of decompressed, we might talk about the session a little bit, but we move away, man. I’m gonna. Have some food, something to drink. We just. We ended at that point. That’s the way to step away. I think people think about this tool and using it as those two key components of, of creating a sacred space by entering and exiting it. You will get extraordinary results when you come to it on that level.

Karen Dahlman

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