Paranormal Conspiracies

Paranormal Conspiracies


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Paranormal Conspiracies. Just that one single word has the ability to conjure up any number of images and ideas. From the tales of the shadowy elite who really control our governments and nations, to guys covered in tinfoil yelling obscenities at the moon, and everything in between. With so much diversity in one topic and the ever reaching expanse into other fields, it is only a given that this topic be a regular contender in the content rotation.

On this week’s episode of The Malliard Report Jim shakes things up a bit and instead of having a guest, (This being due to the scheduled guest falling quite ill just before the show. We wish him a speedy and healthy recovery!) Jim poses discussion topics in an open forum format to those that are in the chatroom. Armed with a litany of questions and with little hesitation, the duck dives in challenging everyone (even you) to just stop and think about the following for a few moments:

  • UFOs: How many are actually just drones? Are Crop Circles real? Why bother with Crop Circles? Is Roswell one of the biggest tourist traps around?
  • Area 51: What is actually going on there? Is it still being used today or have operations been moved elsewhere to places like Cheyenne Mountain?
  • Orbs? How legitimate are they? Are they concrete proof of “spirit energy” or is it simply someone not being able to operate a camera properly?
  • EVPs: What is the best method used for obtaining these? Spirit boxes vs digital recorders? Why not both?
  • Ouija Boards: Are these truly a portal to hell that welcomes all demonic entities within a one hundred mile radius, or simply a piece of plastic mass produced by Mattel? Can we really contact the other side with them, or is your buddy pushing the piece too hard?
  • Mediums: A topic that has been a frequent as of late on The Malliard Report and generated a lot of controversy as well. When do we believe them? Do we believe them at all?
  • What does “haunted” really mean?
  • Bigfoot: Why have we yet to find one? Are they interdimensional beings? What would their poop smell like? Would Bigfoot poo make for a good Yankee Candle scent?
  • Zika: Are these and other major viruses legitimate pandemic scenarios? Is the media simply blowing things out of proportion for sensationalist attention? Is it a cat and mouse game of curing one while others pop up?
  • Is living to old age really worth it? Would you rather live to 80 and enjoy what you have done or live to 100 while attached to life support and medications?
  • Marijuana: Should it be legalized nationwide? Will other states see the same reduction in crime rates and increase in state funds like Colorado has?
  • JFK: Does the Lee Harvey Oswald lone gunman theory really hold up? What happened following JFK’s autopsy? Did George Bush Sr. orchestrate the event during his tenure at the CIA?
  • 9/11: How do two buildings that have only been on fire for an hour collapse neatly in their own footprint at free fall speed while a much larger hotel in Dubai can burn for hours and remain standing? What’s the deal with WTC7? How did the BBC report WTC7 collapse before it ever happened? What about the trillions of defense dollars that were reported missing the day before 9/11?
  • Sandy Hook: Why were there no photographs of the incident/crime scene? Why was the school completely demolished when Columbine is still operational today? What is with the video of the laughing then crying “dad”? The footage of the same people walking in and out of the firehouse in giant circle over and over again?
  • Flint: How and why was this allowed to happen?
  • What’s in a name: Demonologist, researcher, reverend, shaman, expert. With so many titles being loosely thrown around in the paranormal field (and the ease of acquiring such titles) how do you know whom to trust?

While this episode may stray from the traditional format it is very thought provoking and yet still full of laughs. The interactions between Jim and those in the chat keep the topics moving along very quickly, and before you know it the hour is up once again proving that The Malliard Report is THE fastest hour in paranormal talk radio. If there is any takeaway from this episode it is that you should not be afraid to ask questions. Don’t always believe what is put before you. Study all the information and form your own opinion. Remember, question everything.

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  1. 2013 My friend best friend brought home a handsome stranger. I told her he was scary. Gave me chills. Against my advice there he was sitting on a chair in her apt. Suddenly a gold lumiated orb , the size of a softball circled creepy guy several time like a flah. He did not see it but we did. It then shot to the couch. A man in a dark suit appeared sitting down. I only saw him.I descrbed him to her. She immediately threw creepy guy out. Did not think twice to do it. I was calm but she was confused as so was her creepy friend. Next day she brought a pic of the man I described . It was deceased grandfather.

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