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Paranormal Investigating

07192016 Gear talk, conspiracy theories, and investigative locations. While this may sound like a typical episode of The Malliard Report, it does stray a bit from the norm. On this episode, the featured guest is none other than…Jim Malliard. While the duck may be flying solo, there is no shortage of great discussion, and thought-invoking topics.

Paranormal investigations are a difficult egg to crack. There are few fields that have as many relative variables as that of the paranormal. Some people may yield incredible results with one piece gear while others may have no luck at all. Someone may visit a location that is absolutely ripe with activity only to return at later time and find the snacks that they brought along more interesting than the investigation itself. (True story)

As with any sort of “hobby/interest” the gear used can very easily become a sticky topic to discuss, and the paranormal field is no exception. You have those that believe that only the most expensive of cameras and recorders will gather any evidence, some may only use certain pieces and show utter disdain for others. (The Spirit Box is a great example of this) There is the school of thought that old world methods are best while others may completely write the idea off and stick with only the latest and most high tech. The bottom line is this: What works best for YOU as an investigator? Caught some of your best evidence with a point and shoot camera and a digital recorder and that’s what you enjoy using? Then use it! Want to throw some hefty cash down on a full spectrum camera and an Ovilus 5? Go for it! Think the Ouija board is total bunk? Then don’t use one. It is all really that simple. Remember it is what works best and yields the best results for you, the investigator.

Location, location, location. Always important, is it not? In this episode, the topic of various locations does come up. Some famous ones, others lesser known, but the one that brings up some of the strongest opinion is that of cemeteries, and this is for several reasons. There are multiple schools of thought when it comes to cemeteries and the investigation of them. Some believe that there are some cemeteries out there that are very active and you are able to gather some fantastic evidence while others believe you will not find anything at all in them.

Whether you believe in either one of these ideas it is recommended that you do not investigate cemeteries, and there are two main reasons why. One is that in some areas it can be considered trespassing, and this could end up causing unwanted trouble that you don’t want to deal with. Second is safety. Cemeteries can be a very dangerous place at night, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Now the fourth wall is going to be broken here, and as the writer will tell a story from my personal repertoire as to why cemeteries are a bad idea, especially at night.

I have a couple of friends that are filmmakers, and at the time I was helping them with a horror short that they were shooting. We scouted an old cemetery in a small town about sixty miles from where we lived and visited it several times in order to plan out how and where we would shoot. As we were setting up a scene the night of the shoot, we hear one of the guys yell out, then see him come staggering up to where the rest of us were with his pant leg soaked in blood. While setting up a camera, he crossed paths with a skunk that had decided to explore the cemetery as well. In a fit of panic (everyone was on edge to begin with: dark, cold night in a creepy little town’s cemetery will do that to anyone) decided to turn and run from the skunk, tripped over a grave marker and fell shin first onto an exposed pipe. The pipe had cut a gash into his leg approximately six inches long and went all the way to the bone. Here we are, sixty miles from civilization, our buddy bleeding out, and gear spread out everywhere. We eventually got him to the ER (but not without an equally painful and slightly humorous side story that occurred during the trip back, but I’ll spare you from that for now. If you really want to hear more, ask Jim, maybe he’ll let me share it) where he received about a dozen stitches and a tetanus shot. So to circle back; stay out of cemeteries at night. They are dangerous. You might not see a hole in the ground, poorly marked headstone, or random wildlife, and we just want all of you to be safe out there.

This episode is a little different from the norm, but still a great listen. Plus there are several other topics that were discussed that were not mentioned above. Make sure to check out all the great new (and revamped) Malliard Report extensions and let us know what your favorite piece of gear is, your favorite place to investigate, or where your dream place to investigate would be either in the comments below or via Twitter @Malliard