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Paranormal State of The Union


Every year the President of The United States gives a speech on the intended
direction of the nation and goals that are hoped to be achieved. Just as POTUS
pontificates on the possibilities of the upcoming year, Jim Malliard muses over the
mysterious and the direction of the unusual in his Paranormal State of The Union.
A topic and question that is a frequently discussed on this show is the future
of paranormal investigations. The early-mid to late 00s so the rise of paranormal
investigations in popular culture with many shows exploding on to the scene;
drawing huge views, fan-bases, the creation of larger than life personalities, and a
new found infatuation with the ethereal that had not been seen since the likes of
Victorian era parlor days. However, like most trends (like it or not, there is no
denying that the paranormal search wave was in fact a trend) it eventually waned
into an existence that is more hum drum now than exhilarating. Even those of us
that have had a lifetime interest in the unknown eventually grow bored with seeing
the same overreactions or painfully overhyped lack of evidence. (An experienced
researcher should not have a near meltdown freak-out over every EVP and how can
you tell me you are an expert in Sasquatch behaviors, if you cannot provide true
physical evidence for one. Plus let’s be honest, Sasquatches like rave music and
cookouts? Really?)
So the question to be had is “where is the future of paranormal research
going?” Actually, within this episode, Jim poses the question of who will be the next
generation to take up that mantle. While there are still a very small handful of
television shows still making the rounds on syndicated TV, there is nothing new
coming out of these, and while they continue to churn out the same story over and
over again, a new breed of investigator is beginning to stir things up. The future of
investigating has seemed to shift into the field of strictly ITC. Researchers are now
focusing less on capturing that proverbial golden egg full-bodied apparition, and
working towards making direct contact with spirits. In addition, these researchers
are stepping away from outdated philosophies of only high end, super expensive
equipment should be used, and instead finding ways to utilize more obtainable, and
often far more reasonably priced means and often achieve outstanding results. With
modern pioneers in this field such as Josh Hope of Hope Paranormal and Steve Huff
of Huff Paranormal breaking new headway, and not caving to commercial based
television, it could be bold, but a possibility to say that a bright new future is on the
Every year this is a great episode, and 2019 is no exception. There is much,
much more covered than what is mentioned in the preceding notes but why should
the whole show be spoiled within the notes here. Just give it a listen for yourself. If
you have any ideas or thoughts to where you think the future of paranormal is
heading, feel free to reach out to Jim and share your thoughts. Jim is found on
Twitter @Malliard and can also be contacted through the website
where you can also sign up for the newsletter, listen to past shows, and so much
more. And of course, please head over to our sponsor and get
yourself your very own, hilarious conspiracy themed t-shirt.