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Patrick Scott Sporer – Dream Cognition Experiment


Could your dreams be telling you something? Is there something more to the little synchronicities that play out through your day? Keep seeing a word, place, or series of numbers over and over? Could this be the universe trying to reveal something hidden by the opacity of the everyday mundanity we all sludge through?

These are the questions that this week’s guest on The Malliard Report is trying to answer. Meet Patrick Scott Sporer: US Army veteran, bodybuilder, gym owner, and predictive dreamer. While the later may seem oddly different from the other endeavors that Patrick has undergone, it has become one his most defining abilities.

After suffering a serious injury as a child, Patrick began having dreams that held elements that eventually came to fruition. Believing that this is something that all children went through, Patrick paid it no mind until he was older. Following this revelation that in fact this ability was unique, he began tracking and documenting his dreams, and taking note of the coincidental series of events, numbers, words, and places, that frequented his day to day.

This eventually led to Patrick Scott Sporer’s “Dream Cognition Experiment” and current blog where Patrick recounts dreams that he has, and compares them to events that take place throughout the world. In addition to the predictions of current events, Patrick’s precognitive abilities have proven rather lucrative in his local pick 3 and pick 4 lotteries. If anyone else has this ability, get in contact with me, and let’s be best friends…like split 50/50 friends.

Explaining what the dreams are often like, Patrick says that the best description he can think of is that of movie trailers; not enough to reveal the plot, but enough to pique your interest and research more. Patrick also details how records his dreams every day and posts them on his blog to record to see if the events come true. One of his most recent events was the large Calabasas fire.

During the interview Patrick states that he believes that more people have this ability but either do not recognize that is something of significance or fear speaking about it due to the stigma attached to these types of things. A disappointing common thread among all elements of the unusual. Patrick urges everyone to start writing down their dreams, and pay attention to the little things that happen around them, there may be more to it than you realize.

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