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Patty Keely Lynam – Old school Paranormal Investigator


Guest: Patty Keely Lynam

Another excellent week this time that was presented by Jim Malliard of the Malliard Report. As is the custom with the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Radio, Jim Malliard had the chance to sit down and discuss a wide range of topics with the lovely Patty Keely Lynam, ranging from such topics as her own paranormal events that happened in her life, what started her on this fascinating journey through her life, the future of Art Bell, as well as a little bit of personal history with herself, and what sort of television shows she’s been watching, and whether or not she’ll ever return to radio herself.

Starting off, things took a light hearted turn on the Malliard Report with our host showing how excited he was to start this interview off, stepping over his own intro. Laughs of course were had when he introduced his guest, Patty Keely Lynam, explaining excitedly that there was a bit of news that he wished to share. Of course though, for those of you who are interested you’d simply have to wait patiently for the end of the program. However, after that bit of news had continued on and Jim Malliard and Patty Lynam continued to relax, our guest of the week revealed that the reason she had been away for a little while was due to the birth of a second grandchild.

In the first half of our program though Jim Malliard and Patty Lynam shared with our viewers a wide range of topics that went from the personal, to the playful, and even back again. Starting off with the interview, Patty Lynam explained how a tragic event early in her life led to her current path regarding Paranormal talks and investigation and all after the death of her father, and the subsequent vision of being able to speak and talk to him afterwards, touching her on a deeply personal level. Afterwards how she had access to a computer and found the community Para-X, and Art Bell. Revealing that she always had a fascination with the paranormal, and how paranormal events seemingly happen around her at all time. Even revealing the main reason that she will never own an Ouija Board ever. An event that might shock listeners of the Malliard Report as well on the reasons why.

Before the second half of the Malliard Report of course, our host had to pull back a little from the deeply personal paranormal discussion and had to ask her on the ultimate question; Who would return to radio first, our guest, or Art Bell. A little bit of silliness of course, which receives a silly answer that easily set the tone for the second half of the Malliard Report, and the discussion that continued on when our host decided to discuss with Patty regarding the growing lack of paranormal conferences and events, which concerns both of them. However, not as much as the light hearted discussion regarding Patty Lynam’s favorite television show, and the controversy regarding a certain “Naked Paranormal” show that seems to be making the rounds. Of course both our host and guest discussing their opinions and thoughts on the matter.

As usual, another fun and exciting interview that showcases why the Malliard Report is still one one the better Paranormal Talk shows out there, and the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.