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Paul Kershaw


Deep within the south eastern parts of the United States a culmination of spiritualism, Christianity, and an element of conjuring evolved into a practice that is best known as Hoodoo. Brought to the North American continent due to the transatlantic slave trade, it represents a blend of practices from the peoples of the Congo, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, and several others. Due to the lack of religious practices in an open manner of the enslaved individuals and a want for something to hold on to, the practice of Hoodoo garnered traction rather quickly in the densely slave populated Mississippi Delta region. Even while practiced under a strong veil of secrecy, the movement gained rapid momentum with its elements of contact with the other side, spiritual balance, retributive justice, and self-improvement (e.g. luck).
One of the most commonly associated elements of both Hoodoo and Voodoo is that of the Voodoo doll. Often a small effigy with pins pushed through and stereotypically tied with malice intent, the iconic symbol actually holds far more than just afflicting pain onto your enemy’s spleen. These dolls, (often called “gris-gris”) offer things such as protection, healing, luck, and even have the ability to open one up to becoming an empath/sympath and tapping into the other side.
That segues into this week’s guest Paul Kershaw. Paul joins Jim this week to share one of the most interesting stories to date. When Paul was a child, he and his father one day were walking along a beach when Paul spotted something that caught his eye. Picking up the object Paul found the pin filled doll to be interesting but his father quickly intervened making him toss it aside. Not paying much mind to it at first, Paul’s world would soon quickly change. Later that evening, milling about his kitchen Paul soon found himself passed out on the floor and a new door opened.
In this episode Paul Kershaw shares his fascinating stories about becoming an empath, seeing a UFO, crossing paths with demonic entities in Haiti, and his fateful ride with the devil. This one is certainly worth a listen. Remember to keep up with all the latest with The Malliard Report via and connect with us via Twitter @Malliard