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Peter John


After four long years, this week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes back a long times friend and favored guest; Peter John. An indie singer songwriter based out of Pittsburgh, and former schoolmate of Jim, Peter brings his system- bucking attitude to provide great insight as to the incredibly fabricated music industry, cheap news stories, time traveling bard Kurt Cobain and the free speech clamp down on social and digital media outlets.

Peter has seen and personally known on an all too familiar level the struggles that are associated with being an independent musician. While there are countless avenues for a musician to get their music out to the world (the explosion of sharing sites over the last decade has been helpful) getting the break to mass distribution is incredibly difficult. The industry is littered with fabricated creations and talentless acts that we are sold as the next great thing. If one should happen to get an opportunity to have a possible break, they are often subjugated to changes to their content, appearance, musical style, etc, killing the once creative entity they were.

“Freedom of speech and freedom of press; the right to speak his mind is close to the heart of every American, the constitution prohibits most forms of censorship over the press and speechmakers. The argument against censorship is clear: no government official should be permitted to dictate what ideas or beliefs we are entitled to hear or believe. Both good and evil should be averted by more speech and not enforced silence.” These words ring strong and true today as we watch a clamp down happen before our very eyes on one of the most open forums known to mankind.

Love him or hate Alex Jones is one of the most clear-cut cases of this. While his antics may seem quite outlandish at times, his removal from YouTube and social media only adds more credence to his claims. If the stories he is reporting are not true, then why are they so hard pressed to silence him? Is his silencing merely a deeper play to gain popularity for him? Is he in on the game? Either way, we are seeing too much censorship in a world that claims the freedom of speech as one of its most prized possessions.

Supporting independent art is one of the best things that anyone can do, and here at The Malliard Report it is HIGHLY encouraged. Whether it is music, physical arts, other podcasts, you need to support those that are willing to share their creations, their blood, sweat, and tears with the world. Also, do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Have you wanted to take that step? Then do it. Head over to Band Camp and give Peter John’s music a listen. For the latest on all things Malliard, head over to or reach out to Jim via Twitter @Malliard and don’t forget to visit our sponsor for fantastic conspiracy humor t-shirts.