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Popeye – Down the Rabbit Hole


08152017 “Conspiracy – an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.” A word that has become quite a regular staple to the vocabulary of listeners of The Malliard report, and this week’s guest is certainly no stranger to this rule. Awakened, red-pilled, truther, or whatever moniker you want to give this week’s guest, one thing for sure is that he is no stranger to venturing “down the rabbit hole”. On this episode Jim welcomes the one that helped push him into the realm of the shadowy cabal, and that is none other than Popeye of “Down the Rabbit Hole Radio” and Popeye joins up with the report to discuss geo-engineering, 9/11/, the right/left paradigm, unrest in the US, the bastardization of the word “conspiracy” and much more. So go ahead and press play, and take a step through the looking glass and venture down that hole…

Just try and scroll through a news website, or turn on a channel without seeing something about the mass unrest that is transpiring not only in the south eastern states, but across the nation. Alt-Right, ANTIFA, Neo-Nazis, Far Left, social justice, (insert group here) lives matter, us-vs-them. As it was once stated: “In times of trouble, everyone joins a team. No one waves a flag for all human beings. No one’s excited unless they are divided. Someone’s going to have to give in…” While the perceived chaos seems to be spreading at an exponential rate, one can’t help but to stop and ponder at the possibility of this being a contrived “epidemic.”

When the idea of induced civil unrest is brought up, the first notion is to question why such a thing would even happen in the first place. While a simple answer may appear difficult to convey at first, four little words may be able to explain everything: order out of chaos. It is far simpler to gain control of a situation or a people when things are completely out of order. The authoritative figure almost appears as a savior of sorts. By turning people against each other in an asymmetrical warfare fashion, this allows the powers that be to ratchet up their control methods. And they have been. A Lot. It starts off small; you can protest, but you have to do it during this time frame or only at this location. But soon the levels quickly increase to near Orwellian levels. YouTube has been stripping content from their site under the guise of “hate speech” or “misinformation” when the videos contain nothing of the sort. There have even been articles mentioning the restriction of, or the outright removal of the First Amendment. Where does the line get drawn?

There is certainly a lot to think about with the topics that are covered within this episode. Jim and Popeye cover a wide ground in a short amount of time. (Hey, they don’t call it “The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio” for nothing) Take some time to research some of or all of them and make a decision for yourself. And remember, we are all people trying to just survive in this crazy world. We may not have the same opinions, but we’re still all people, fighting the struggles of life. Why make it harder by fighting with each other. We may not be able to fix the broken system right away, but we can start by coming together. Make sure to check out all of the great work that Popeye does by heading over to or searching YouTube user DTRHradioarchives. And as always, for all things Malliard, Twitter @Malliard.