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Predictions for 2017


What an excellent show we have for all fans of the Malliard Report this week. Heck, Jim Malliard once more shows why his show is indeed the “Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio” again when he sits down and calmly explains that he doesn’t have a guest this week for us to enjoy. In fact, we get the full hour with Jim by ourselves, as well as a chat room full of fans talking to him during it’s live presentation, so this one is a special show indeed. Sit back, and relax!
Opening the show, Jim Malliard explains why there’s no guest this week for us to enjoy: Because he’s spending the full hour with us to make predictions that he believes are coming up in 2017. In fact, Jim starts off the show with recapping his predictions from last year about what he thought would, and could, happen in 2016 and whether they came true or not. Whether they did can’t be said in this review of the show of course, as long time fans of the Malliard Report should know to sit back and listen for themselves. But what makes this years prediction show very interesting and fun is that Jim isn’t just showing off his own predictions for the coming year, but even taking predictions that are coming from the audience in the chat room he has with him, engaging the audience and discussing what things might happen.