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Predictions For 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls, paranormal fans of all ages; it is that time of year again. Yes it is the annual tradition that we have all come to love, marking its 5th year of existence, The Malliard Report prediction show. Join us as Jim (along with members of the Duck Pond) gives predictions and thoughts of what to expect in the upcoming year.

With the highly volatile political climate that we find ourselves in, it is no surprise that a number of the predictions for 2018 are tied to these uncertain times. With news events constantly creating a greater divide, the situation finds itself ever more unstable than before. Along that line of thought, one of the predictions made is that there will be significant splits within the parties themselves. The rift growing within the DNC has been well known for almost a year due to the issues tied to the Clinton/Sanders debacle however, the rapid growing split within the Republican Party is quickly coming to the forefront. Many of the dissenters are coming within the President’s own circles. Is this truly a division of the people that are becoming fed up with the elements that they are used to, or is this a divide and conquer tactic used by higher powers to continue to divide us? Who is to say? One thing is for sure, it does seem like a very likely possibility that this scenario could play out.

Another common theme that plays itself out within this episode is the prediction (from both Jim and the Duck Pond) is that there is a major technological breakthrough that is just on the edge of the horizon. Some speculate that this will be a cure for one of the major diseases, others say that it will be in the field of genome manipulation and understanding. There is the possibility that it could be both. The genome understanding could lead to advancements in the cure for various maladies. Either way, very exciting things in the future if these do come true.

There are a number of other predictions that are put out there within this episode, but you’ll have to listen to get those. All of which are VERY possible for coming true along with a “death pool” of who may pass on to the hereafter in the upcoming year. Make sure to spread the word about The Malliard Report through the many different online outlets and let us know what you think! Follow Jim on Twitter @Malliard to get all of the latest for all things duck.