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Predictions for 2020

The year 2020 has always sounded more like a future dystopic setting than what we will be flipping our calendars in just a few short weeks. There have been many predictions on what the year 2020 would look like with some of those being outright ridiculous and hilarious. For example, in 1997 Wired magazine claimed that 2020 will be the year that mankind will set foot on Mars. Unless Elon Musk has a hidden ace up his sleeve that we don’t know about, this probably will not happen. Popular Mechanics stated in 1951 that by 2020 every family will have at least one personal helicopter in their garage. Not all were completely off target however. In 1939, a designer for British Vogue was asked what he thought fashion would be like in the year 2020 and replied “…we would have banished buttons, pockets, collars, and ties, men would revolt against shaving. “His hat will be an antenna, snatching radio out of the ether. His socks—disposable. His suit minus tie, collar, and buttons…” While we have yet to eliminate the button or collar, the suit and tie are nearly extinct, beards are a defining characteristic of many individuals today, while our hats aren’t antennae, we can access any information in the palm of our hand.
With all this future talk, it can only indicate one thing. It is the first Tuesday in November and that means only one thing. It is the prediction show for The Malliard Report. Each year Jim makes his predictions for what is in store for the incoming year. With an election on our horizon, there certainly is no shortage of material to go through. So join us this week as Jim talks politics, sports, tech, and so much more.
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