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Predictions for 2021

2020. What more can you say? Has there been any other time in history where you can simply describe an era simply by the year itself? It is safe to say that nobody saw coming what has been dealt with this year. Starting with the loss of one of basketball’s greatest legends, to the spread of a “virus” that brought the world to a complete stop, and now we stare down the barrel of the gun that is an election that is almost guaranteed to be a disaster is some form or fashion. Many look to the future with reserved optimism similar to that of an abused animal reaching out for a piece of cheese but unsure if it will receive the morsel or a smack across the head.

This week on The Malliard Report we once again reach a monumental episode. Truly a favorite for both fans and Jim himself. It once again is time for the annual prediction show for the year 2021; and what a wild card it will be. But, to make this episode that much more interesting, this year, the prediction episode just so happens to land on the same day as the US Presidential election. So buckle up boys and girls, it’s going to be a wild.

This is a great episode, and will always be a favorite that is looked forward to every year. Jim shares his thoughts on what may come, what listeners have written in, and a caller or two dusts off their crystal ball as well. It’s hard to say what 2021 holds for us, but all we really can do is sit back and wait. I mean it can’t get much worse, can it….

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