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Predictions for 2023



Even though it feels like we are still stuck in 2020, we have quickly found ourselves staring down the tail end of 2022 and that can mean only one thing. Yes, that is right, November is here and that can mean only one thing. It is the annual Jim Malliard prediction show.
It would be probably safe to say that everyone is going into 2023 with the utmost hesitation. The last three years have brought an absolute crap shoot of historical acts, and the predictions reflect as such. One would hope to see prosperity and good tidings for the year, but it seems more like a dystopic sci-fi novel. As we steer closer to making Orwell fact instead of fiction let’s looks at a few of the other predictions for this year:
Could there be more “riots” this year? It does seem that tensions are already high, and the proverbial pot is just getting hotter. It almost feels like the powers that be are setting the stage for a fiery second act.
Space Force. Seemingly a joke by the other branches of the military (YouTuber Nikko Ortiz has some of the best content for this) will finally have their time to shine; showcasing tech and weaponry that far exceeds what we could even imagine.
The end of Twitter? (Poor Jim) With the recent take over by Elon Musk, Twitter seems to be in absolute upheaval. Could this be the start of the end for the once powerhouse platform?
These and many other predictions were shared on this episode, and if any of them come true, it will certainly make for an interesting year. Make sure to join in on the action every week with the live chat and show over on There is also merch, the newsletter, past shows, and more. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app and share the show!