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Preston Dennett – UFO Research and Author


With a current total of nineteen books (and counting), five distinguished awards, noted references in or featured in major newspapers such as the L.A. Times and Dallas Morning News, countless articles, and thirty years worth of field research, this week’s guest on The Malliard Report is no stranger to the UFO and paranormal genre. Preston Dennett began his research in 1986 when he discovered that friends and family were having unusual and dramatic encounters with the unexplained. This eventually led him deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole, and now today he joins us on the show to share his ideas on the state of UFO exposure, disclosure, underwater bases, ghosts, and much more.

MUFON, television, and disclosure: unless this is your first episode of The Malliard Report (if it is, welcome! We hope you enjoy it!) you certainly are no stranger to these topics and know that these frequent the discussion circuit. While there has been some discrepancy in the credibility of MUFON at times, it certainly does not completely negate ALL of the work that has been presented from it. The same can be said within any field going upon those principles. (I don’t think I need to point out a “jacket pull” to argue this case) Preston believes that MUFON is a great resource due to the actual “structure” of the organization but feels that there should be more people involved. The disclosure again becomes a focal point of the conversation and Preston shares that he believes that there is a sort of trickle down of information being slowly released to the public, but feels that any sort of “big disclosure” from a public office figure would more than likely come from another country rather than the US.

While Preston may be known for his in-depth knowledge and research of UFOs, he has also done extensive research into other elements of the unknown. Originally writing off the idea of ghosts, (even chalking his first encounter as nothing more than a bout of severe grieving) he eventually gave in, and came to the realization that there was in fact something to these claims. Throwing himself into the deep end by going on a number of ghost hunts and referencing cited sources that date back from thousands of years, his opinion quickly changed to a subject of reality rather than fantasy.

One UFO theory that is discussed on this episode is that of the potentiality of either UFOs conducting underwater exercises or the possibility of an underwater base or bases. Citing information gathered from witnesses and other sources, a hot spot has unveiled itself off the coast of southern California. It is not clear why this area has such a high concentration of sightings (hey, maybe they just enjoy the sun and surf of the Gold Coast like many others, me included) but there is no denying the growing evidence that points to something going on there. In fact a strange anomaly can be seen on Google Maps under the water off the coast of Malibu.

This episode is a fast one and covers many more topics besides those previously mentioned, and Preston provides some fantastic insight to types of ETs, Bigfoot, encountering a UFO, the reason behind implants, and much more.

To keep up with the goings on of Preston Dennett or to purchase his works, stop by his website here:

If you want to see the oddity off the California coast, you can go here:,-119.0120301,14422m/data=!3m1!1e3

In case you were wondering what exactly Jim meant by his “1561” reference, that would be the Celestial Phenomenon Over Nuremberg in 1561 where apparently a battle between two factions of UFOs took place over the skies of Nuremberg. You can read about that here:

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