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R. A. Conn

R. A. Conn is a Seismologist that has started a project to link Paranormal Activity and Earthquakes.

There’s seismic activity on the East Coast, but how much..

How does being a Seismologist mesh with the Paranormal?

What made Ariel want to build her project www.ScienceGhost .com ?

Ariel wants your REAL Ghost Stories, go to <> to tell her your story and help with her scientific study on Seismic Activity and Paranormal Experiences.

She has started another project called P.E.T.S., People for the Ethical Treatment of Scientists.

Can earthquakes be predicted?

Are there induced earthquakes? Where in the United States is this happening?

Everyone wants more science applied to the paranormal, share your paranormal experiences with R. A. Conn at

What’s next for R. A. Conn?

Follow R. A. Conn on Twitter @ScienceGhost, her website

Jim’s Final Thought of the Night: There will be a big breakthrough in the field of the Paranormal within the next few years.

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