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Dr. Rebecca Housel – Pop Culture Professor


On this episode of The Malliard Report, the guest for the hour is Dr. Rebecca Housel, She is a long time friend of the host Jim Malliard. She is the Ceo of Soul Arrow Entertainment. As you listen to this episode you will realize the connection that Jim and Rebecca have.
The way that Soul Arrow Entertainment came about is one you have to hear for yourself. The clientele of the business was film and tv clients and authors. She also does fundraisers and book promotions. Her business has a stance to repair the world. Each year a cause close to her heart receives donations from the fundraisers. Which leads into a little bit of a conversation of just some of the challenges for selling tickets to an event.
The show takes an interesting twist when a few unexpected things happen once the conversation of Salem happened. It seems that someone pays a visit to the show in an unexpected way. The interview turns to Dr. Rebecca and Jim sharing and comparing experiences.
The topic turns because of course, we have The Pop Culture Professor on the show, the topic turns to Dorthy’s ruby slippers and Lethal Weapon and The Walking Dead. The connection between God and superheroes is also talked about. The topics of clowns also make it way into this show.
Something else that is talked about that everyone needs to listen to is about the safety of women when it comes to stalkers and domestic violence, this is a topic that is not heard about too often on this show. But it’s something that after hearing from tonight’s guest, more people are aware of the dangers of not being able to protect yourself.

We learn a little bit about numerology as well, so many things to cover in such little time. This episode is a wild card and fun show! You get a glimpse into Dr. Rebecca’s life and the way she works. Be sure to listen to the whole show and follow Dr. Rebecca Housel at