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Rebecca Housel

A collapsing economy, crippling student load debts, a job market where “entry level” requires six years’ experience, and the idea of retirement is non-existent, it is no wonder that mental health among millennials is a growing concern. Issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and many others are becoming more and more common throughout the current generation. While this is part due to better identification and diagnosis as well as more aptness to discussing when one has an issue, the rising trend should still be a concern. While the causes can stem from a multitude of sources (everything from barrages of technology, to unfortunately war cause PTSD) one thing is for certain is that awareness needs to be growing just as quickly as is the symptoms themselves.

This week’s guest on The Malliard Report is a long time favorite, and now near regular on the show, but comes with a little different approach to what she wants to discuss. Dr. Rebecca Housel, primarily known for her deep studies on popular culture and how it plays into our everyday lives (even more than we realize) is also a huge advocate for mental health awareness. This week she turns her focus onto this growing movement of awareness that we all need to be paying attention to.

Dr. Rebecca Housel, The Pop Culture Professor™️, is a New York Times bestselling author and editor. Housel was on tour with Comic-Con for three years as MC and performed over 200 live interviews with Hollywood icons. Housel’s column on resilience for Psychology Today, “Survive Anything,” is based on her forthcoming book of the same name; she is also an expert contributor on the subject for mental health websites,, and, Housel is the sex and relationship expert for the Mental Health for Millennials book series and is the Editor of Mental Health for Millennials III: On Happiness, being released on World Mental Health Day, October 10th (Book Hub Publishing). has over 3-million readers from 150 countries

This is another great episode, Dr. Housel always makes for an interesting show, but it certainly takes a turn from the normal programming here on The Malliard Report. Dr. Housel stresses the importance of mental health and that we all should be aware for ourselves and those around us. We cannot express enough that you should never feel embarrassed or that you can’t reach out for help. There are always resources available and many people willing to provide them. You can keep up with all of Dr. Housel’s work at or through most social media platforms. For all things Malliard, head over to to catch up on past shows, sign up for the newsletter and so much more. You can also follow through all social media platforms.