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The Bottom Line: Listener reviews are vital to helping keep The Malliard Report current and competitive within the radio talk landscape.

“I’ve been interviewed by a wide range of journalists and media personalities, from local newspapers to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. None of those interviewers were as well-prepared as Jim Malliard. It was a real pleasure doing his show. He made me feel comfortable from the get-go. I even learned a few things I hadn’t known before.” Jim Defelice Co-Author of “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History”

“Jim Malliard is fair, concise, and honest. I can’t ask for much more in an interview.” George Noory – Host of Coast To Coast AM

“Phenomenal interview. Thank you!” Eugene’ Nick Dinsmore – former WWE superstar

“Thank YOU, Jim! I very much appreciate you having me on The Malliard Report.” Jack Brewer

“Some books have ghostwriters.  Some radio shows, such as Jim Malliard’s show, have ghost riders; guests who are expressing elusive phenomena.  Some of the phenomena actually subsist in reality.  Where are you going to hear about these phenomena?  One place is Jim’s show on The Malliard Report.” Bill Sweet, author A Journey into Prayer: Pioneers of Prayer in the Lab and a former president of

“Had a great interview with Jim Malliard. Enjoy” David Paulides – author of Missing 411

“So, you want to know what’s really going on in the world? Try tuning in to The Malliard Report where straight talk carries the story.”
Jim Marrs journalist and New York Times Best Selling author

“A shoutout here to one of my favorite interviewers on one of my favorite podcasts. Yes, that would be Jim Malliard and the Malliard Report. It’s always an interesting topic being discussed with an interesting guest. Check it out and you may even hear me again one of these days.”James R. Fitzgerald, MS Supervisory Special Agent, FBI (Ret.) Forensic linguist, profiler, consultant, and author of A Journey to the Center of the Mind -Books I, II, and III

A full written review by Morgan Rector 

53 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. The Malliard Report is hands down the best ( and fastest) hour of any podcast I listen too!!! I love Jim and his insights and how he really engages with his guests in a friendly stress free way!!! I triple dog dare you to listen!!! You won’t be sorry!

  2. What happens when you take the commercialized crap and fluff out of a paranormal radio show? You get an hour of solid content with a down to earth host. The best part is the lack of music wasting your time. It’s a who’s who of paranormal guests talking intimately about the things they love. Period. *****

  3. Having met Jim Malliard on Face Book was not by chance! Being a guest upon his show with my new-molecular South-spun Electron Fluid Concept allowed me to inform and educate our general public as well. My thanks always to you for receiving and sharing this incredible new discovery now Jim. May you live long and prosper forever!

  4. Jim is an awesome show host. He made me feel welcome & comfortable . Which is truly rare in a host. He’s upfront & honest with his guest. Jim has a great connection with his listeners . Focusing on the paranormal & the unknown making it worth taking the time to listen & learn… Always looking forward to listening to The Malliard Report. Well Done 5 Stars.

  5. Malliard Report is a great 2 hour talk radio show talking all thing paranormal and conspiracy, even thing on the fringe of paranormal and conspiracy. Jim is also very nice to his guest and does his homework of all his guests.

  6. “The Malliard Report” grabs your interest from the very start. If you want the facts without the fluff about the paranormal, then you need ‘The Malliard Report”.

  7. The Malliard Report is a fun and informative show, hosted by a great personality, Jim Malliard. For me, a great host is one that holds your attention throughout, can have you laughing, but still be very informative, and who is open to engaging with fans/guests. Jim seems to be a natural at accomplishing this. I have also been a guest on this show, and I must say, Jim was one of the friendliest hosts I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. He was able to completely calm my nerves, and made it an enjoyable experience.
    I would recommend this show to everyone who is looking to be entertained, as well as fans of the paranormal.

  8. I appreciate Jim and his talk show, The Malliard Report. It is obvious that Jim does his research and knows his guests’ work before taping. He asks relevant questions, but maintains his part within the conversation; so whereas I was a guest on his show, both interviews became likened to fun conversations between friends. This makes for a lively, “fast” and listener-friendly show. Great work!

  9. Jim Malliard is the real deal. The Malliard Report is a top notch show that appeals to the paranormal community and the general public. I have been lucky enough to be a listener and a guest. Malliard is a true professional at the top of his game and getting better every moment. Even in the face of adversity(a cancelled guest)he pulls the show off with amazing virtuosity. I could see Jim head down the road to syndication one day, it would not surprise me a bit.

  10. I have been listening to The Malliard Report ever since my friend alerted to me of its existence. I liked the show with his wife, it is that type of off the path topic that makes it a good show. Most fans connect with the host and want to know more about the personal side. I like Jim better than Coast To Coast’s George Noory.

  11. I have been listening to this show for years, Jim is straightforward with his guests. The one bad part is the show is over too fast, much like a good movie coming to an end you wish there was another hour to go. The best thing is if miss the live broadcast you can catch it in the archives.

  12. Jim’s show is one of those shows that makes you question your own beliefs. You listen to his guests with an open mind and you are challenged to ask more, even ask for more.
    I used to be very skeptical of Psychics/Mediums and Spiritualists, however, as I have listened to Jim’s shows and guests, that wall I had built has been slowly broken down, Brick – by – Brick.
    Jim is a real honest person. He is who he is. He is not sitting on the air promoting himself, but he gets into the meat of the meal.
    I miss listening to his shows when my Computer decides to muck up. But I am so grateful to Jim and KGRA radio for allowing us to hear his show in archive form.
    Thank you Jim, you are the best.

  13. The Malliard Report with Host Jim Malliard is a fast paced nonstop ride of content and information that will leave you looking forward to the next show. As a frequent guest and listener I can’t praise Jim or the Show enough. Top Hat Radio!

  14. I really enjoy The Malliard Report. Been listening for a couple years now. Jim is a great host and always has interesting topics and cool guests. Always entertaining!

  15. I have been a guest on the show a couple of times and have always found the Malliard Report to be concise and enjoyable. Interesting and occasionally differing points of view are presented and discussed. Definitely not the standard paranormal format and well worth the time to listen in and enjoy.

  16. I really enjoy The Malliard Report! I have been listening for the past 2 years and don’t believe I have missed a report yet! I honestly hope Jim brings the show to 90 minutes in the future! It’s no lie, definitely the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio! One of the most enjoyable programs available!

  17. “The Malliard Report” is a show that focuses not on just one topic from week to week, but diverse selection of guests and topics. Jim is upfront and to the point with his guests and listening audience, adding a twist of controversy at times to get people to think and not follow the crowd. His show platform is unique and a cut above many. Jim keeps the listeners interested and coming back for more. I highly recommend “The Malliard Report” if you want to further expand your knowledge.

  18. I’ve been listening to The Malliard Report for a couple of years now ever since I got an internet connection decent enough to download podcasts and I typed, “paranormal” into iTunes. I have subscribed & unsubscribed to hundreds of podcasts over the years and now have a core of 3 of which TMR is very much one of them. Jim is an intelligent quality host who brings the best out of his world class guests.
    A thoroughly entertaining and informative, well spent, hour every single week.

  19. The Malliard Report is an Amazing show! Jim is a Fun, informative host, with an eye for the paranormal! His guests are always interesting! Love this show! I am and will always be a Fan !

  20. My name is Ryan and I host a nationally syndicated metaphysical radio program. Have a lot of respect for Jim Malliard & “The Malliard Report.” Jim presents engaging interviews and he does everything possible to present his guest at their best. Am happy to see that the show has exploded in popularity these past few years.

  21. The first podcast I ever listened to was the “Malliard Report” back in 2012. Over the years I have listened to Jim’s show numerous times and I usually come away feeling that I was more informed and entertained. I have my own podcast now, “All Things Spiritual and Supernatural” and I have no trouble citing Jim Malliard as one of the people who inspired me. Good host, good guests, good shows. You can’t go wrong.

  22. Jim Malliard is the host with the most! Fun, energetic, and sometimes, even slightly naughty. But maybe that’s just when he has me on his show. What I like the most about being a guest and a listener is that Jim allows the guest freedom to express their views on whatever topic might be touched upon. Though I, personally, like to see if I can make him blush.

  23. I had the opportunity to tune in today from his “Tweet”
    I’ve decided to tune in to a previous recording, expecting to listen for at least half an hour.. been listening to The Malliard Report for a couple of hours now! Sleep is for the weak. ^^

    Great content, respect!

  24. The Malliard Report is great fun! Jim is such a wonderful host. He asks great questions and gets his guests talking about some really exciting stuff in world of the paranormal. And I love that he has all of his shows available on his site so I can go back and listen whenever I want. Definitely a show worth tuning into ever week!

  25. OK, so here’s the deal: The Malliard Report (as it’s host Jim claims) is, indeed, “the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.” While some radio programs claim to deliver the best in supernatural content and guests, The Malliard Report is one of a precious few that actually delivers on that promise. This is one of the best investment of one hour I make every week to gain knowledge and be entertained. The interactive chat feature of the website also is a great feature to enhance listening to Jim and his highly entertaining guests. I am a fan and plan to listen for years to come!

  26. Jim Malliard is fair, objective, non-biased, non-judgmental, scientific, and professional with his work and towards his guests. He does not tell you what the paranormal is, he gives you all of the information available and lets you make up your own mind on abnormal phenomena. He is also charitable, and helped a Children’s Cancer Fund (Genre’s) earn $50 by music sales in partnership with a local musician. Good dude. Haters welcome to hate on Jim, because you don’t know dude, and will never have the honor to, since Jim neither is nor does he associate with the petty on this earth.

  27. Many pods are dry and same ‘ole, same ‘ole. The hosts really make the show, and this one is like a spark to a firework. Jim Malliard is a super host- great Q’s and fun personality. The wide range of topics and guests make for a very interesting show. But Mr. M is so entertaining, he doesn’t even need a guest- just a slew of topics and a mic and it’s truly a fast hour! He usually leaves you wanting more.

  28. I found The Malliard Report years ago on a podcast app . I was searching for paranormal shows and gave a listen to many different ones . TMR immediately stuck out as a favorite of mine. I’ve listened to it continuously over the years . I like Jim’s voice and his sense of humor. The show covers a wide range of paranormal topics and guests. There is something for everyone . Definitely a top show in the paranormal realm . Check it out . You will be glad you did !

  29. This is one of the most laid back shows and I mean that in the best way possible only one issue is it goes by way to fast needs to be 2 hours at least

  30. Jim Malliard has a deep depth of understanding of the paranormal world as well as keen insights into the universe at large. Jim’s charisma, superb oratory skills and cosmic understanding make him a force to reckon with in the radio world. I hope that Jim keeps his small town rhetoric when he goes big time because some day Jim Malliard will go big time. – Andrew Nissenbaum – Give TV

  31. Hey you, it all sounds really awesome. Be proud. I hope, I will find a way, to listen to your show. Don’t have an I pod, so..but I will find you. All the best wishes.Andy

  32. The Mallard Report, has something for everyone!! From ghost’s to bigfoot,,he covers it all!! Congrats Jim !

  33. What a fun hour!! Jim makes everyone feel comfortable and part of his Mallard Report family. I was a guest for the first time last week. The hour flew by so fast , I was amazed. I can relate it to sitting in a friend’s living room bantering back and forth. So much fun!

  34. I have been trying to find that ONE show with that ONE group of Guests, topics, & like minded people. Here it is! Malliard is the One that has it all! NO annoying small chat, every show is a ride & the live chats are a blast!

  35. The Malliard Report is the best show that I’ve come across. When you hear it called the fastest hour in the paranormal, it’s no joke! The time always flies when listening. Not only is Jim Malliard a great host, but he has built up a great community of listeners. If you give the show and live chat a try, you won’t be disappointed. It’s always fresh and oftentimes unexpected. This is the one show that I always try not to miss.

  36. Jim is a jovial host that puts you in a loose and relaxed state so that you can be yourself. He doesn’t avoid the tough questions. He presents them in such a fashion that he’s not being confrontational while asking them. I found myself chuckling during my interview with him. Not that he was cracking jokes, it’s his energy that makes you want to smile while talking with him. Great show it was on January 10, 2017. I’d like to do it again in the future.

  37. The Malliard Report is the one thing each week I wait patiently for these days. The subject matter is fascinating, the guests are intriguing, Jim is polite and stays on topic- lol, usually. Family fun. It’s good to expand your mind with different theories on subjects. I remember the days before VCR and digital recordings when one had to stay on schedule to watch a show or listen to a broadcast. Kind of reminds me of that. I try to listen live because I can chat with other listeners, the host, or the guest speaker. I consider this gathering of like minded individuals more as extended family now. We get together once a week and learn something new.

  38. I’ve listened to many radio shows, podcasts like coast to coast, etc and i am deff a new fan of Jims podcasts The Malliard Report. easy to follow and full of interesting info!! Not only detailed he keeps it entertaining and to the point! Not once do i have the feeling of wanting to turn it off! when its over i’m already anticipating the next one! Keep it up Jim!!!

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