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Richie – – positive 2017


016. Certainly a year that we all will remember for a number of different reasons. While most of us cannot wait to see 2016 in the rearview, there are many people that are putting a strong emphasis on the notion that 2017 will be a seemingly better year through some mystical providence. So the question that is posed is, why do we attribute the fate of the oncoming year by simple chance? Are we not able to guide the direction of our happiness? Are we supposed to simply sit idly by and take what random set of circumstances should happen to place before us?

This week on The Malliard Report, Jim once again reaches out across the pond to have a chat with Richie B of Living a fast paced life as a music producer for BBC Radio, Richie appeared to be able to maintain his hectic schedule on the outside but when in reality he suffered from crippling anxiety and OCD. Tired of having the anxiety and obsessive compulsiveness running every aspect of his life, Richie sought to take control of the situation and learn to harness the biological response that anxiety is, and use it in a constructive manner. Richie soon launched his “Live Your Now” campaign in an effort to help himself and others out in a way that not only helps them, but also encourages the spread of positivity to the surrounding environment.

Without giving away the whole show, Richie’s primary message is that most change comes from within. A better year is not simply going to just happen. Your outlook on a situation will not alter itself, YOU have to change it. YOU have to re-focus your energy to bring positivity into your life. By simply re-directing your thoughts to that of being positive in nature, you quickly change your feeling on whatever may be affecting you in a negative way. Richie also believes heavily in the idea that the process of changing one’s outlook is done through small gestures of niceties and spreading positivity to others, and encourages everyone to do this on a regular basis. Hold the door for someone, pay for the cup of coffee for the person behind you, or write an old fashioned letter to a friend or relative. 2017 is an arbitrarily assigned number given to identify a particular cycle around the sun. It holds nothing of significance in of itself. You are the genesis of change in your life and the epicenter of positivity in your sphere of influence. Happy 2017 and remember “Live Positive”.

For more information on Richie and his “Live Your Now” message make sure to head over to or follow him on Twitter @liveyournow. Also, check out his #MindfulTrain initiative to connect with other people seeking to make the same positive changes in their lives. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this show, or any of the others in the comments below or via Twitter.


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