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Dr Rita Louise – Archetypes of the Ancients


The Nephilim, meanings and correlations of mudra, a reptilian race, secret underground bases, the interconnectivity of ancient stories across varying cultures, spiritual and intuitive healing. No, this is not a paranormal/conspiratorial grab bag of topics for upcoming shows, but rather just some of the many topics that this week’s guest has a vested interested and deep understanding of. On this episode of The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes longtime friend and recurring guest, Dr Rita Louise.

Whoever coined the old adage that there are never enough hours in the day must have been a close and personal friend with Dr Rita Louise. Best-selling author, podcaster, consultant, video creator, Chairman of the Board for the International Association of Medical Intuitives, and that is just barely scratching the surface. Shamelessly using an excerpt from the bio of her website, you are able to understand the passion and depth that Dr. Louise puts into her work: “Dr. Louise credits early childhood influences for the direction her life would take. By the age of 8, she began searching for spiritual self-discovery pursuing topics including health and wellness, philosophy and the esoteric arts and sciences, including a deep interest in ancient traditions, culture, archaeology, and human origins. Dr. Louise is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute where she studied meditation, energy medicine, and learned how to perform clairvoyant readings. After graduation, Dr. Louise returned to school full time, earning a degree as a Naturopath ad then her Ph.D. in Natural Health Counseling. She has also earned the distinction of Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist.” In addition to all of this, she also loves to garden and is in the process of restoring a historic house! All I’ve done today is put on pants and drink coffee.

Even though this episode is shortened a bit due to a slight hiccup with technical issues, the amount of content that is covered and topics discussed between Jim and Rita is far too expansive to cover in little snippets. With that, a different approach is going to be offered to you dear listener for this week. Take some time this week to read through one of Rita’s blogs, watch a video on her YouTube channel, or rent her full length documentary iKon: Deconstructing the Archetypes of the Ancients on Amazon video (it’s only two bucks!) and follow the rabbit trail of that topic yourself. You might be surprised at where you find yourself, and how much time has passed. Plus it is just fun.

And now to segue into the next topic and play off of Jim’s final thought. Some of the information out there on these topics may not be for some. Just as this show may to not be loved by all, it is understood that people’s tastes are different, and that is great. However, if you don’t like something (which again, we all have podcasts, shows, music, etc that we don’t like) then simply turn it off. It’s that easy.

Make sure to pick out a topic this week and have fun doing some research and also head over and check out all the amazing work that Dr. Rita Louise is up to and don’t forget to let us know what you think about this episode or any of the others in the comments below or connect with us via Twitter @Malliard