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RJ Tolson – Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author


Guests: RJ Tolson & Francis Maxwell

This week on the Malliard Report is pretty special. Not only does Jim Malliard, the host of the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio do a good job of having a lively discussion, but he does so with two special guests this week. The young, and talented RJ Tolson and Francis Maxwell. Not only does that mean twice the interesting discussion, but twice the fun as well. In fact, our two young guests are already highly accomplished in their chosen friends. Guest RJ Tolson already being an award winning author in both the Science Fiction, and Fantasy Genre’s, multilingual, and the CEO of the company “Burst Out”, while his counterpart, guest Francis Maxwell is a fashionista and leader of his own company Preparation Fashion discuss how they joined forces to empower writers, authors, artists, and other such in the literary industry.

Starting off as our host Jim Malliard tends to do, the discussion started off very light hearted, talking to both our guests about themselves, giving them a bit of a chance to show off how they achieve success by asking how much sleep they get, their process for preparation for their day, how it feels to be so accomplished at such a young age, and otherwise entertaining with the witty banter between all three of them. Of course which led to the discussion with RJ Tolson on how he got started with his business, and it is he does at his company, and how he juggles being a CEO of Burst Out, and an accomplished author as well. In fact, this segment of the Malliard Report even gives a sneak preview of whats in store for both of them when Jim Malliard asks about their own plans for the future, and where they would like to branch out from there, including publishing, fashion, and possibly even seeking movie deals.

Midway through the conversation of course Jim Malliard asks what two young successful men like them do on their off hours when they want to relax, and have a little fun outside of work. Of which include various different answers that a lot of listeners might even find themselves doing when they need to relax as well. But afterwards down the line discussing on how it is that RJ Tolson and Francis Maxwell even stay focused on what they do adn how it helps them when ti came to finding their success. In fact, what they say might even end up helping those that wish to follow in their footsteps as or host Jim Malliard mentioned, admitting that even he himself has trouble staying motivated as well.

Of course, after all that light hearted talk regarding both of our guests and talking about themselves, the discussion moved onto phones, with Jim Malliard asking our guests when they first got their phones, and the resulting fear of how it will affect future generations to come, given how easily they can access the internet through them, and often serve as a general distraction as people become reliant on them.

Through it all though, as usual on the Malliard Report, this interview was quite fun, and enlightening as they concluded. Was full of interesting tidbits, tips, and above all, humor. Well worth listening to. Of course, what light hearted interview doesn’t end with a discussion point brought up by our host when he asks which one was a better social media platform; Twitter, or Facebook? You’ll just have to listen to find out his answer of course!