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Roast The Duck 2017


05302017 Preheat oven to 375 degrees and rub salt, pepper, and paprika into the skin of the duck. Place duck into roast pan and then move into oven…oops. Sorry. Wrong roasted duck.

Yes folks, this is it. The one that you have been waiting on for some time. To celebrate the six year milestone, this episode of The Malliard Report takes a little bit of a different turn. Instead of Jim on the helm directing the show with a guest, Jim stands boldly before the duck pond firing squad, ready to take on whatever it is they throw at him. There is no shortage of call ins either.

Over the years, The Malliard Report has become synonymous with being a “go-to” podcast to not just within the paranormal world, but the conspiratorial, and just plain weird genres as well. Being able to boast a litany of guests that include New York Times Bestselling authors, major political figures, other podcasters, and of course the great George Noory, The Malliard Report has a little something for everyone.

Enough self-touting for now, let’s shift the focus over to you dear listener. With such a broad spectrum of topics (how many other radio shows cover UFOs and Cryptids one week, then the potential death of the real Paul McCartney the next?) covered over the years there has to be a few that you could not get enough of and others that you wish would go away already. Probably some guests that you feel the same way about. Let us know! Either in the comments, through Twitter, or whatever other method you choose, tell us about some of your favorite episodes, guests, topics. Maybe someone in particular you would like to see on the show? Let it be known!

This show would not be possible without you the listener, so we thank you for giving a listen week after week. Look forward to many more shows in the years ahead.