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Rob Gutro

We all know the classic kid’s movie “All dogs go to Heaven” but the topic of our pets’ existence once they “cross the rainbow bridge” is something that we often do not talk about. Maybe we’re too gutted about the passing of our furry friends, or we’ve spent too much time looking for the “dude demons” but we all too often overlook animals that are on the other side. How many times have we seen the videos (or heard them ourselves) of disembodied “meows” or what sounds like paws scurrying across a floor? Well this week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a guest that specializes in communication with our furry loved ones that have crossed over. This week Jim welcomes author, paranormal investigator, and medium Rob Gutro to the show.

Rob is a scientist and a member of Inspired Ghost Tracking paranormal group where he is a medium on the team. Rob has become known as a Pet Medium, although he connects with people and pets. His books teach others how to recognize signs from people and pets who have passed. (Once you read them you won’t need to pay a medium). Rob writes books about my experiences and explain the paranormal in terms of energy.

This is a great show because it is a topic that is not in the “mainstream” of the paranormal. Rob really is shedding light on a unique topic, and also encourages everyone to tap into their connection with Spirit. You can purchase all of Rob’s books through major online retailers or through his blog over at For all things Malliard, head over to where you can join in on the weekly live chat every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST, sign up for the newsletter, grab your merch (who doesn’t want an awesome Malliard Report Coffee Mug!?) and so much more. Follow Jim on all social media platforms @malliard and remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcast app.