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Rob Gutro

The Malliard Report
-Rob Gutro is an Author, Meteorologist and Medium

-How did he know he was a Medium?

-What is it like for him as a Medium?

-Has he ever come across a spirit that’s afraid to cross over because they are scared of the unknown?

-Why does Rob call himself “Medium Rare”?

-What made him want to write both of his books “Ghosts and Spirits Insights From A Medium” and “Lessons Learned From Talking To The Dead”?

-Learn about the next books Rob Gutro has coming.

-How did he get involved in his Ghost Hunting team?

-How does a Medium work during an investigation?

-Rob tells us about some of his experiences as a member of a ghost hunting team.

-What’s his feelings on the Ouija Boards?

-What are Rob Gutro’s goals in investigating the paranormal?

-How does being a Meteorologist help Rob when he is working on an investigation?

Jim’s Final Thought:

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The Malliard Report