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Robert Clotworthy

This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes a guest with a name that you may not have heard of, but a voice that you have heard. With a career that spans film, television, and even gaming; Robert Clotworthy’s career is incredibly expansive and exciting. From his most notable and current role as the voiceover on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island to characters in the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto V and the ever classic StarCraft. Join Jim as he dives in with one of the most recognizable voices in today’s entertainment industry.
“A Master in the Chinese Martial Art of Kung Fu San Soo, he’s found that the discipline, awareness and attention to detail has helped him develop and add layers to the many characters he has created. An example of this is Robert’s portrayal of fan favorite, Jim Raynor, in Blizzard Entertainment’s award winning StarCraft” Video Game Series. Named one of the top ten gaming heroes of all time.”
“In feature films Robert has worked with numerous acclaimed directors and stars including Bette Midler and James Caan in Mark Rydel’s WWII epic For the Boys, Seth Rogen in The Green Hornet, Alan Arkin in Rendition, Robin Williams in One Hour Photo and Kristen Bell in Pulse. Robert is also one of the most sought after narrators on television, lending his voice to hundreds of hours of programs. George Lucas chose Robert as the narrator of the Emmy nominated documentaries Empire of Dreams: The Making of The Star Wars Trilogy and Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed. In 2017 Robert won the prestigious SOVAS award presented at New York‘s Lincoln Center in the category of Outstanding Narration, Best Voiceover for his work on Ancient Aliens.”
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