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Robert Kopecky

ListenThe fascination with the hereafter has been something that humans have pondered over since we first set foot on this corporeal plane. The problem that has plagued this curiosity is the small detail of being able to venture on to the next realm requires that one…well…dies. With that, it has a tendency to make things a little more difficult in being able to report back ones findings.

It wasn’t until the late 19th century when a phenomena called expérience de mort imminente by French psychologist Victor Egger was studied. These “experience of imminent death” situations were further studied due to the claims of panoramic life reviews experienced by climbers during falls. Further study was then followed up in 1892 when a series of  subjective observations by workers falling from scaffolds, war soldiers who suffered injuries, climbers who had fallen from heights or other individuals who had come close to death (near drownings, accidents) was reported. Eventually gaining traction as more than simply an anomalous perceptual experience or hallucination, the phenomenon was then described as a clinical syndrome and popularized thanks to the work of psychiatrist Raymond Moody who coined the term “Near Death Experience” or NDE.

On this episode of the Malliard Report, Jim welcomes Robert Kopecky to the show. Robert is a former animator and illustrator turned author and spiritual advisor/speaker. Robert’s change originally stemmed from a brush with death, however this was not his only journey to the other side. Robert experienced not one, but three near death experiences with each one being entirely different from the others. However, while these were different from each other, one common thread weaved between them and was an eventual take away and that is you do not have to die, to get to Heaven.  Robert now has written two books that share how to find Heaven while still here on Earth and tours the nation attending various conferences sharing the same message.

Robert’s story is quite an interesting one and we don’t want to give it away here, so go ahead and give it a listen. To keep up to date with Robert’s latest blogs and thoughts head over to or to contact Robert for events you can go to . You are able to purchase his books through Amazon and numerous other retailers. For all things Malliard heave over to or connect via Twitter @Malliard