Roger Stone on 9-11-01

I want to welcome back to the program, Roger Stone for the crazy amount of third time. How are you doing today? Roger? I wanted to ask. You were, tell me about what were, were you 9-11-01 How, how was your day, that day?

Well, it was um, it was really strange. I was in Texas for a speech and my wife saw the horrific events on television called my hotel room. Woke me up, said turn on the TV. And of course that I was stranded there in Texas for four days before, you know, regular flight service resumed. It was a horrific experience. What’s outrageous to me is that so many of the hijackers and others involved in the plots still have not faced justice. We’re still paying to incarcerate and feed them while their legal cases are stalled. I really find that important.

Live calls about September 11 2001

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