Roger Stone on Censorship plus an Update on his lawsuit versus Twitter

 It’s great to have you. Okay, so, let’s dive right into the book, because I’ve got a couple
other things later that I want to get to that are more fun, but a hundred and forty of
these Stone’s Rules, is that any coincidence to Twitter banning you or is that just how
it came out?

Yeah, that is a kind of interesting coincidence, isn’t it? I mean, Twitter, is very
interesting; their rules and guidelines are extremely vague, so I got banned for life
because I hurt Jake Tapper’s feelings, yet Keith Olbermann can advocate the violent
assassination of Donald Trump and he’s still verified and very much there. You have to
wonder about the agenda of those who own Twitter, just another form of the tech-left
censorship that we see going on at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so on.

Which hurts people like us, me and you, and this market together, but that’s –

Well, it is, it’s a very valuable marketing tool if you don’t have access to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, sometimes even FOX you know, it puts broadcasts like this, podcasts like
this, on the map and therefore this is a form of censorship that using—that’s being
used, as we know, disproportionately against people on the right, conservatives,
libertarians, and liberty-oriented people. It violates the anti-trust laws, it’s monopolistic
as well as, in my case, violating service contracts. I paid Twitter regularly for promoted
tweets in order to build my following, therefore, by unilaterally terminating my Twitter
feed, they have violated their contract with me, and we will see them in court relatively

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