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Roger Stone Talks about President Donald Trump

And people wonder why I’m paranoid and thinking people are always watching me. Tell me, you met trump in the late 80’s which means I was a baby for the first time you met Trump, so tell me something that has changed about him through the years?
Actually I don’t think he’s changed, I just think he’s grown in stature. The first time I met him in 1979 I was working Ronald Reagan in New York, I wangled myself a meeting with him and pitched him very heavily the support for my candidate for president, who was Donald Trump, pardon me, Ronald Reagan, I knew he had been pitched Howard Baker, George Bush and John Connelly and he hadn’t signed up for any of them, he was and is a republican. And in a very short period of time when he left the parry essentially to protest the Iraq war and he did look briefly but seriously at a reform party nomination in 2000, I urged him to run as early as 1988, when I looked at Bush and Gore and found them wanting. I wanted him to run again in 2000, he did take a brief but serious look at the Reform party nomination, then I wanted him to run again in 2012 to challenge Mitt Romney. He came very very close to doing it but felt that Romney had too of a head start. and then of course he ran this historic campaign which changed the face of American politics, the most improbable come from behind victory I think in American history in 2016. He has been a good friend throughout it but he is his own strategist – there is no Karl Rove  in trump land, trump is his own man, you can advise him, you can give him your ideas, and he is always willing to listen again he is his own strategist, and given his election you’d have to argue a brilliant one.
You’d be guy that knows that stuff better than me, obviously he won, obviously I’m not stupid I can tell that’s a good strategy, because you’ve been behind the stands on these before.
He’s a communicator, he’s a brilliant communicator and he speaks the peoples English, he communicates with people at a gut level, he understands how working people think and react. He’s a billionaire but he never lost his roots in queens. He’s an extraordinary, unique candidate, ironically if you look at some of the Wikileaks material it appears Hillary wanted to run against him, which is foolish he was the only candidate who could have beaten her. Think all the other republicans would have lost running a more conventional campaign like the one McCain ran and like the one Mitt Romney ran.
 Do you think how he campaigned has changed campaigning forever? I mean are we going to see some people try and copy that?
It remains to be seen. It may be unique to Donald Trump, perhaps he can do things others cannot do. I don’t necessarily know that yet, just cause something worked for trump, doesn’t mean it would work for everybody. Trump has universal name id and certain outsider cred, it’s interesting the number of business people that are talking about running for president. I do think he’s changed politics from that point of view.
I think we can agree to some level that fresh blood probably wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to offices.
Well look I think that Trump from the beginning brought a certain tach a certain charisma, a certain outsider celebrity status to the race. Some very significant people come out to see Donald Trump who would not come out to see a US senator who very few people had heard of, so from that point of view, you know the candidacies of  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan can see potential can see kid rock, I think the people are attracted to candidates who come from a discipline other than politics.

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