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Dr. Roy L. Hill – Near Death Experiences


Tonight on The Malliard Report we are talking with Roy L. Hill. Roy is a former Federal Bureau of Prisons as a psychologist and eventually the Chief psychologist. He has given all that up and has been doing spiritual work and talking and teaching about near death experiences.
Roy explains early on in the show what pushed him to give up a good job and the need to follow his passion. He also talks about what major event in his life brought him to a realization that there is more than just the normal in everyday life.
This show is so filled with twist and turns of conversation of life, death, near death, reincarnation different views of the afterlife and what happens. Jim has a few questions that both encourage the different turns and then also stall it.
Roy has an amazing view of what is the meaning of life, one that has been heard before. But he elaborates on it in a whole new way.
You have to listen to the whole show to hear his views and the science behind the study of near-death experiences.
Another thing that is interesting that Roy talks about is the difference between near death and out of body experience. Also a small little talk about the amazing advance in medical science. In some cultures, there is a belief that some dreams are guided by spirit guides.
The big thing talked about on this show, is what is the meaning of life? How do we know when we have found that meaning? Roy goes into his thoughts on this. It’s truly something that you need to hear it will make you think about all the things you’ve heard before about what the meaning of life is.
So take a dive into The Malliard Report and listen to yet another interesting show! Be sure to check out Roy L. Hill’s book at


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  1. Ms. Dixie (Debbie Thomas)

    Hi Jim – I’m sorry that I missed your show last night, and really miss listening to Dr. Housel. I was watching the World Series. I’m glad that you are sending me the posts of the show. I’ll be listening next week. Take care and have a great day.

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