Russ Calka – Disclosure Activist

Russ Calka


The Malliard Report is no stranger to the topic of UFO disclosure, but on this week’s episode Jim welcomes a guest that has thrown himself into the far deep end of the proverbial pool. With a near lifetime fascination with UFOs, a family history of sightings, and connections to some of the highest levels in government and research, Russ Calka is co-founder of Stating that they are pushing towards “…unleashing the greatest story humanity has ever known” in the acknowledgment of human interactions with extraterrestrial/extradimensional intelligences.

As a kid, Russ had always had a deep running fascination with the UFO phenomenon, but the event that pushed him into the far depths that he is today was a story that his step-grandfather shared with him. During what started out as a routine flight, Russ’s step-grandfather and the rest of the crew spotted an odd aircraft that they were unable to identify. Reporting their sighting up the appropriate chain of command, they were swiftly met with a very stern debriefing following their flight. After a long interaction with various alphabet soup agencies, and being sworn to secrecy to never talk about what they saw, the crew was released and forced to go about their lives. After many years, and reaching a point in his life to where he felt that vow needed to be broken, a story was shared, sending a wide-eyed young man down a path to set truth free.

During the interview, Russ points out that some of the biggest names in politics and entertainment are striving to have disclosure as well to the general populace. One of the primary individuals in this fight was John Podesta. (Now, before any other comments are made, we are going to set aside the Pizzagate/pedophilia ties with Podesta and focus solely on his role in the disclosure movement. His child-trafficking is another story for another day.) Upon leaving his position of office, Podesta tweeted out that his biggest failure while in office (again, set aside the pedophilia for now) was that he was not able to bring full disclosure to the public.

Russ also points out that the Clintons pushed for a disclosure movement, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has stated that the balloon theory of Roswell is completely false, that Former President Obama once stated in an interview that “we have not made direct contact yet” (emphasis added) with an outside intelligence, and that former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge left the stage to pursue working with former military and intelligence officials in an effort to bring full disclosure to the public. (It is worth noting that there are many photos of DeLonge with various Masonic imagery adorning his signature Gibson ES-333…33 levels of Masonry…hmmmm)

Russ is a fantastic guest and comes right out of the gate with a ton of information so get ready for the hour to disappear in a blink of an eye. Russ also covers slow information leaks, Presidential insight and knowledge, and potential timelines. Make sure to check out , and let us know what your thoughts on the possibility of a near future disclosure or the implications of disclosure on the human race in the comments below or via Twitter.