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Russ Stiver
“For my 4th time on The Malliard Report, we finally got down to brass tacks about several issues. Always a good time talking to Jim, he keeps it honest and real in this field. He is an awesome host and amazing to sit down and share some stories or opinions with.” Russ Stiver!/Chasingshadows9

Show Notes for March 27, 2012

5:41Welcome to Russ Stiver

7:37 Update on Collective Paranormal Research Society

8:45 What is Batteries Drained Tales of an Investigator Radio Show?

14:19 How does doing a talk radio show change things?

22:56Goals for the rest of the year?

26:27As a paranormal group founder, what would you ask a person who wants to join your group?

30:00Flashlight Sessions?

35:01Your thoughts on Grant Wilson leaving Ghost Hunters?

41:48 talk radio show preparation question

47:47flipped the tables Russ asks Jim about Paranormal Unity

50:40“if I become president the first we are doing is paranormal investigating the white house”

56:06Who are your heroes in the paranormal field?