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Ryan Cek Chemtrail Dystopia


On this episode of The Malliard Report, we talk with the author of Chemtrail Dystopia (Mike Pocaro Book 1) Ryan Cek. This exciting book is about a Mike Pocaro a blogger and environmentalist. Who has begun to notice the differences in the skies and gains an interest in the theory behind Chemtrails.

Ryan Cek goes into a sneak preview of his book and the stories behind it. Jim and Ryan then talk about the bit about the real life changes that are happing every day in the world and what could be the cause of it all. Also about these secret budgets, the government have been held for either, population control or climate control?

Ryan also goes into some detail about his real life fight with muscular dystrophy. He also talks about the challenges and the advancing in the medical field that have helped him. As well as we learn a little bit about his writing process and the tools he can use.

Throughout the program, tonight guest in the live chatroom offer up questions that Ryan answers. They come up with a lot of good one’s tonight. Also, there is a lot of suggestions for up and coming authors trying to get the creative edge out to the world.

We also chat a bit about his radio show and twitter account. Isn’t it amazing how social media has been a blessing and curse? What are your thoughts on Chemtrails? Do you believe its a real thing? Why not pick up a copy of Ryan’s book and give a listen to his show and make a choice for yourself.

At the end of the program Jim gives his thoughts on events and vendors, take a listen and add your thoughts as well. There are so many unanswered questions and so many answers out there. Which ones are the true answers and which are those created out of fear and paranoia? You be the judge for yourself. Join us again on the Malliard Report.

Chemtrail Dystopia